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NYCC's over, and the paper due in 15 minutes is just barely half-complete. It's a no-sleep night after four long days. It feels like my life's accelerated to the point that Twitter is in fact the right medium to document it. I have so little perspective on what I'm doing that I have to cling to the few flashes of long-view I get and just hope it's all rushing in the right direction. I don't know how I'm going to make it through final-papers time.

Sometimes I just want to punt it all to the curb and Occupy but I'm doing better for myself and for others where I am

I think.
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Oh howdy, folks.


My life's been pretty exciting as of late.

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May. 11th, 2011 11:47 pm
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So last night we went to see THOR!

It was pretty full of THOR!

Thor was great! Jane Foster, surprisingly, was great! Thor and Jane together I wanted to fast-forward. Past it all. YAWNING. Loki was pretty effing amazing, ngl. I haven't enjoyed a Marvel villain in a movie so much since maybe ever. Supporting cast A+, especially enjoyed Jane's attendant life. The movie fit in Guy Story, Girl Story, and SHIELD much better than Iron Man II, not that that's hard.

Also IT'S CLINT! HI CLINT. HI. Hawkeye betta be back for Avengers, his cameo was pretty sweet. They characterized him well, in the four lines he got! Also also, Asgard and Jotunheim were both deliciously built and animated and sparkling. FLAT EARTH PHYSICS YEEEEEAH

ps, Heimdall basically won at Norse Godding, racist bastids only hatin' 'cuz he was so GOOD.
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Scott Menville is still the only man who ever gets hired to play sidekicks in comic cartoons.
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He was dragging that through the dealers' room by the ankle.
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Reply to this post with the phrase 'Findled in the checkout line' and I will free-associate five ityms of varying importance with you. Post about them in your journal when you spread the meme.
via [ profile] rawri:

1. Traveling.
Can't live without it. I suspect it's partly inherited, this tendency to lead a life between plane flights. The idea that my life IS getting on a plane, going somewhere, and doing insane and interesting things until I get that itchin' in my shoes again (as the lady Kimya likes to say.) If New York gets to be home, and that there is a real hopeful if, it'll be at least part thanks to the way it's so connected to most anywhere else.

2. Success.
Can't happen if I don't shoot for it. I'm starting to think that maybe a good measure of how advantageous the next path will be is how much it utterly terrifies me.

3. Tim.
Is going to have a rough month. His fortunes are inversely related to mIne more often than I like to admit. Sorry, kiddo. We've had a weird sort of mental sublet thing going on for going on two years now. He pays rent in entertainment, and lightening up my universe.

4. Food.
I like it? In spite of the unfortunate habit of forgetting meals. Been raised to believe it's important to obtain & consume good food, and to directly connect various failures of mind and body with failure to do so. Dang, I need lunch.

5. Demon-claws. (art)
The best stuff I do on paper always has a little element of the creepy in it. I try for cute, I do, and it either looks manufactured or vague and blurry. Or it turns out creepy TOO, ref. NYC Heartless.
I still don't remember drawing those demon claws. But now I want to try again.

And via [ profile] murasaki_kaze:
Attn: lexiphiles! Comment here with an unusual word you happen to know and like, and maybe we'll give each other one we don't know. Today's word from me is polymath: one who dabbles in multiple fields of interest.
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I packed all of my books to move, and then promptly found another box in the garage, left unopened for years. So: Japanese-language manga for sale.

All books are $1 per volume.

Girly comics under the cut. )

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Before there was Toon Titans...

More from The Titans, some old school Green Arrow, and random shit under the cut. )
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(you were delicious)
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Lina: well I can't help but observe that women in American comics have their own rigid context to which they more or less adhere
Lina: and Academy!Anthy would placidly force herself to adjust to this stereotype, as one of her bridely duties. ^.^
Lina: she's the perfect Japanese wife, submissive and obedient, until Utena demands otherwise of her... so who would demand what in the DC crowd?
Lina: I mean. 'Cause it depends entirely on who wins her right.
Lina: And that question demands the next one: who are the closest to breaking the barrier from ~the system~ into the ~outside world~, and thereby must be diverted/restrained/set against each other? Who are the duelists in the DCU, those moths swirling closest to the flame?
Lina: which. Is ~the barrier~ in the DCU the 4th wall?
Lina: Or is it death? And those who've died and come back have broken out of ~the system~ in which others are so miserably trapped.

Adolescence of the DCU: Anthy in Batmanland. )
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PUSH - Surprisingly not a bad movie!

Actually not that surprising- it did come with the highest recommendation. I could absolutely RP in that premise. And I hear there are comics?

Incoming paneldump: Green Arrow and Black Canary in olden days, + more reasons you should read Blue Beetle. + some Batman of many ages, + misc.

ps: Batman STILL hates America. )
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Only he's not as good.

Goin' camping for the weekend, folks, seeya on the flip.
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Just vague, terrible attempts to get coordinated with the pen.

|3 It was on sale. How could I not?

ps Also, some ink-brush things. The courtyard of Arkham Asylum, and a gift for Eva. )

Good night.
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My pen was unLOCKED today.

It was magical.

So many bats, you guys. )


ps no wait one more

This one is a few days old. I call him Spot.


May. 21st, 2009 10:07 pm
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... So!

Way to go, DC. Very... greek tragic.

no, srsly. What the fuck. Why do I even bother.
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This first one, it's pretty nothing. It's just a thing I pulled straight off of a photograph, done in inkbrush and watercolor pencils. Poorly-applied watercolor pencils. But it's cute.

Cheep cheep. )
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Yep. Time for a paneldump.

Say guys, remember the days before this was funny because it was true?

Sir, market research indicates our readers DON'T enjoy seeing their childhood heroes raped, murdered, or otherwise brutalized. )

Yeah. That's damn right, Bigger than Cheeses. We really oughta go back to the classics, the days when comics were good and wholesome and made you feel okay!

... let's try that again. )


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