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That has got to be the 8th Batsignal t-shirt I've seen on campus this week. Not to mention all the S-shields. Not that I mind, but srsly, wth? =D


Apr. 10th, 2008 02:11 am
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So, I picked myself up off the sofabed after buying my plane tickets to get out of here the day after graduation, because no matter how comfy it is to stretch out on softness and plan my crazy post-grad summer, sometimes a girl just needs butterscotch chips. As I got up, I accidentally knocked three Batman comics to the floor - one of them is Gotham by Gaslight, a 100-years-earlier Batman in which the Dark Knight takes on Jack The Ripper.

Meanwhile [ profile] tmartian42 is playing Katamari in the background at the end of a lovely quiet evening of passing around the Katamari controller, post-celebration of Tom Lehrer's 80th birthday.

Sometimes, friendslist, life is just really nice. And I try to sit up and notice when it's this obvious.
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Gladiator-At-Law, by Pohl - we have two copies! How do we have two copies of GLADIATOR-AT-LAW.

The Three-Legged Hootch Dancer, by Resnick - Cover and title combo

The Red Spider - Doc Savage, by Robison - for the cover:

Image Hosted by

And another one: "What- what is that? It's like a half-naked guy with a fishbowl on his head. And a sword."

We had three copies of that.
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Okay so

I just did something kind of terrible to a very sweet girl in my Civ class. She's a sophomore and always positive and upbeat and we're pretty good casual friends. And we're coming out of class talking about break and I mention the pillow fight and that there was a political rally there! Because what better way to get the young vote, am I right. And she goes Yeah, that's a great idea, who was it for? And I go, Harvey Dent for Gotham City DA. And show off my campaign pin on my bag. And she goes oh cool, uh-huh! Nodding along.

And I go all casual. Have you heard of him? No, she admits, so tell me about him, what's he like?

Well, gee, how to explain Harvey Dent. I take the pause to think. Is he a good guy? Or is he kind of a douchebag. she asks, all ready for the hard truth.

Well, he's really tough on crime, y'know? Kind of a hard-ass. And maybe you don't want that in SOME positions, though our governor was KIND OF doing okay with that (we divert into Spitzer talk for a moment and then go back to Dent) anyway, I think it's good to have a hardass for your DA! And he's not a BAD guy, he got where he is by being friends with all the right people, you know? Philanthropists. Rich guys who aren't douchebags. She nods along.

I like him, anyway (we talk about Spitzer more, how his downfall was this incredible disassociation between his public works and private misdeeds) and I do admit, I've been kind of watching Dent for awhile, and I think maybe that split could happen with him too! Between public and private personas. But y'know. So long as he doesn't do anything dangerous, illegal and stupid with that private life (we laugh about Spitzer.)

But wiki him, yeah? See what you think. I will, says she, armed and ready to go inform herself. I will wikipedia this guy and when we come to class on Wednesday, I will be all, "I wiki'd Harvey Dent." And we grin at each other

for entirely different reasons

and go our separate ways.

She is probably wiki'ing him right now.

I should feel terrible and I don't, I just don't.

I will be laughing about this so hard for such a long time. She is going to come to class on Wednesday and hate me, just hate me (for like thirty seconds).

Aw man. Life? Is pretty hilarious.

Happy day!

Mar. 22nd, 2008 08:31 pm
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Okay you guys

So I just had the best day, ever, period. So freaking awesome. I met up with [ profile] eponymous_x &co at the Guggenheim and saw the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibit in all its glory- no webpage can explain or truly exhibit this and I exhort you all, if you are anywhere near NYC, to GO SEE THIS SHOW before it is gone. This man lit'rally makes explosions and explosives his medium for artwork. There are other beautiful and stunningly thought-provoking things he does, taxidermy and construction and clay sculpture. Go see, go see.

And then we went to Union Square for THE PILLOW FIGHT. A clutch of strangers with pillows thwapping each other, feathers EVERYWHERE, feathers drifting up into the air and blowing along with the wind and making a SIGNAL for where the fight was. It was beautiful.

And what should we see there on the edge of it? What should be parading along the side, chanting slogans and waving signs? Why, a campaign rally, of course – for what better way to reach The Youth than to campaign at an internets-organized pillow fight? And for whom, pray tell, are these fresh-faced activists-in-training cheering?

Why, Harvey Dent for District Attorney, of course!!

We got stickers and bumper stickers. Gotham City News was covering it, and the pillow fight behind it, as a strange escalation in the tense race for DA. Vicki Vale, on the scene, seriously for real you guys. I thought my face was gonna crack I was grinning so hard.

We took a time-out for food and Forbidden Planet, 'cuz why go to Union Square and not buy comics, amirite. They have a life-size Dalek in there now. I got some Teen Titans because I hadn't had enough Bart Allen in my life lately. And, you know, can never have enough Drake. Picked up some free Harvey for DA campaign buttons at the counter.

And then it was back to the pillow fight. We waded in and got to sit in the big pile in the middle. Feathers EVERYWHERE, cannot emphasize this enough - a guy on the subway afterward asked if we'd been attacked by birds. Whumpf bumpf shoompf! There goes another pillow, a cloud released into the blizzard. Every time one gets thrown out of the ring, some helpful soul throws it right back in and beans a combatant on the way. One pillow said OBAMA BOMB. One said 'デクスタ' on one side and '暗' on the other and had small bloodstains, very mysterious. One crowd favorite was bright red silk with Chinese characters all over it. THE FEATHERS. Trails of foam mixed in.

Ahhhhhh. A glorious, glorious day all around. And tomorrow is Easter. =DDD

Everything's worked out just as it should.

Well then.

Mar. 14th, 2008 03:55 pm
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School is out, spring break is here. Only two problem sets, two sets of reading, and a short paper to do, so hooray.

Can't seem to find good KH2 icons, which is odd but whatever, obviously I'm not looking hard enough and/or in the right places.

We have a hawk on campus. I saw it briefly last fall, and a few days ago I walked across a patch of sidewalk festively decorated with bits of pigeon.

Happy break, all. Have some DeathSponge NotePants.
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and I feel really, really good. Damn, it's nice to get 8 hours a night.

Runaways has been pretty reliably fun- I finished volume 4 last week. Want moar. Jack of Fables did not entertain.

Still watching Teen Titans. Avatar goes but slowly, but TT goes down like popcorn and it's just so stunningly well-done. Except for the bits that aren't, but now that I'm on Season 4 I haven't actually seen any of those anymore.

Kingdom Hearts 2 is lovely to watch from the beginning once you've seen enough plot to know what's going on. It's really nice to be living with fellow gamers, and I don't appreciate that fact often enough.

Beat Prince of Persia again, because lol time travel.

ICO is incomprehensible and I can't deal with it for very long at a time. It's beautiful when I can though.

Smith and Wollstonecraft share this annoying habit of blathering on about whatever they feel like without demarcating their main points clearly. Mill is pretty alright though, and what little I read of Toqueville wasn't too bad.

I get to lecture for two hours on knot classification next Tuesday evening. It'll be fun. I'll use colored chalk.

I have gingerbread cookie dough and trufflestuff chillin' in the 'fridge.

I guess that concludes your irregular State of the Lina address. Needs moar language and arting. =/
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Hueg pix are hueg. )

I GIVE YOU: THE ILIAD. in. curtain form. yes.

God it's been so long since I started this I don't even remember why I thought it was a good idea. I guess I just wanted to make something cool out of a whole entire book, okay. Except then the book only lasted for half the curtain and I used class notes and papers and lecture handouts for the rest. ANYWAY. Here is the Iliad. You cannot read it anymore but it is still pretty apparent what it is when you get up close. It has a different texture from the back.

Woot. Iliad curtain.

Okay then.

Feb. 6th, 2008 06:44 pm
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After two weeks of being a complete and utter delinquent, I kicked things into gear today. Pulled a full homework assignment in the morning, wrote up and prepared the evening's presentation throughout afternoon classes, turned in the homework, and gave the presentation. All done to a T- my, it is nice to have easy classes again.

Nicer than that, though, is the feeling of acceleration. I've begun at last to work. I want to paint tomorrow.

In other news, it's 63 degrees out. I'd be miffed at the loss of my winter, except the spring-feeling really is kind of energizing.


Jan. 24th, 2008 12:56 pm
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Having definite second thoughts about Painting.

- It's in oils. EW. Yick, yick, yick. Aside from that being yet another shitload of expensive materials (and I'm trying to cut DOWN on volume of stuff, here,) oils are smelly. They get in everything and everywhere and I don't care how odorless your turpenoid is, it will still give you brain damage. They take forever to dry and the palate is a pain in the ass to scrape clean. I like my art small, portable, and relatively transient in this world – it's really unpleasant to think I could do something that would then LAST for decades. Oils have to stay in one place and dry, and then they'll be around forever. Bleah.

-I have all the materials I could possibly want for small-scale acrylics and watercolors except canvas board and maybe an easel, and the price of a small easel would not run me anywhere NEAR the cost of thirteen tubes of new paint alone. Hell, I could probably MAKE an easel for my little canvas pads, cobble it together with cardboard and duct tape if I were so inclined.

Meanwhile we're supposed to buy paints, brushes, canvas boards, canvases, raw canvas with stretcher bars, AND all the materials to oil-prime a canvas because this teacher is really gung-ho on doing at least one traditionally prepped canvas. I can't help but think the effort is probably wasted on an intro painting class, but nobody asked me. And she made it clear she wasn't sparing us any expense when she told us to use a full-sized prestretched canvas for our first assignment. Most of this class hasn't ever painted before, and she's making us do our first thing on a hunk of wood and cloth that will probably make its way straight to the nearest landfill in two semesters' time or less.

-This is all sitting on top of the fact that my schedule remains terrifyingly unstable, and will do so until certain professors get back to me about certain graduation requirements. I would like to take an art class as a fifth class. There isn't a chance in hell I'm taking one as a seventh.

...yyyyyyeah. Probably not taking it. Now if I could just sit down for three hours a week and paint on my own. =(
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Went to Painting II, which seems a little too enlightened for me. After detailing the amount of homework we would have, (none,) and the general workload of the class, (as little as you like,) the prof spent about half an hour at the whiteboard explaining how the identity of one painter went through four stages of mimicking the identities of others. I hadn't heard of any of them. This would have probably been far more relevant had we actually gone to see the exhibit of the man in question, but museum's closed today.

I got out of that just in time to miss the trial run of Complex Variables, which I may or may not attend on Thursday. This will depend entirely on how well things go in Analysis & Optimization tomorrow; if I think I'd rather take that, then I'll definitely go to Painting 1 on Thursday. If not then I'll be in a bit of a bind, as I'll need to try Complex Variables that day. Maybe I can just go to the first 40 minutes of painting- we won't be doing anything, anyway.

I've already taken one intro painting class, but that didn't require drawing. I suspect I can count on the arts department to be pretentious and say that my painting class from a different school doesn't really count in their program, anyway.

Besides. It might be nice to be ever-so-slightly overqualified for a class, for once in my college career. Couldn't hurt.

Anyway, that's it for classes for me today. I could go back into that studio and paint! Or actually clean up this junkheap of a room. =D gee, it's nice to have free time.
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Rocked topology
But Japanese religion
is going to suck

Apocalypse comes
Wednesday morning right at nine
But I'm not dead yet.
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Today in German Lit the prof used our current government for examples to illustrate how a common citizen experiences and accepts fascism. It felt very lopsided, as it usually is when he's challenging us to contest him in German, but it's useful that way.

We also learned that the second German word for suicide, Selbstmord, is Freitod - the "free death". It really does make more and more sense every week, why the Meiji-era Japanese government delegation to Europe was so utterly impressed with Germany.

Meanwhile I am posting this in the break between Phil hours. John Locke is a wordy little wanker and I don't like him, and there's no oxygen in this room. haaaaalp. =(
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Editing this entry for less WHINE, now that -hooray!- the two-day headache is over. I sure can bitch at the world when I'm cranky.

Anyway, I actually went to the drawing club meeting again! But only with colored pencils, oil pastels, and a single tiny blank book. Gdjb, me.

So this week the model was a guy in leather chaps and an ugly-ass lightly plaid shirt, cowboy straw hat, the Robert Redford works. And here's a hand, here's a foot, here's an arm, whoop dee doo I can't draw and my head hurts, etc.. And we get to the long pose, which this week was an hour-and-a-half set scene with props and everything, and since the pose was 'dead tired cowboy sprawled across chair', the model got to nap through it.

Myu dubbed it 'Melting Guy in Chair', which works. )
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Well, that was mildly discouraging, given how much I studied for it. I didn't come close to finishing the thing, even- started the last problem having skipped two pieces of earlier ones, and barely had time to dash down an idea of how I would solve it before we had to hand the papers in.

What's really disappointing is, I do still feel as if I have grasped the relevant concepts for this unit. After five or six days on it, I was actually able to parse all three chapters and their homework assignments. And yet, I have probably still failed this test.

It would be frustrating, if I let it. As it is I just don't have the time to be frustrated over this class any more than I already have been- particularily now, when there's nothing more I can actually do.

Okay yeah

Oct. 31st, 2007 04:52 pm
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I actually have two problems with the given statements for Anselm's proof of God.

The first is that he doesn't after all establish that greatness converges. He assumes 'greater' is an objective and ordered measurement, neither of which square with the universe with which I'm familiar.

The second is this idea that reality is a subset of understanding. If I'm following this thing right, he is dividing the world into things which are in the understanding, and things which are understood to exist. He simply doesn't include things which are not in the understanding, or things which are understood to not be in the understanding. This is more of a personal problem than a mathematical one but it's still a pretty big hole, to my thinking.

...Actually, this leads to a third hole: even if greatness is a valid metric, who says things which are great converge within the set of the understanding?

In other news, my German midterm scared the shit out of me today. Last question, 40% of the exam: "Write a short analysis of such-and-such a poem." I immediately think: "We were supposed to read that poem!? We haven't read poetry for six weeks! Shit shit shit did I miss something on the syllabus I was sick last week and since then the Prof's been out of town and SHIT I will fail this midterm."

Halfway through the midterm? Printouts of the poem are distributed.

G'ahhhh. why yes I did enjoy my cardiac arrest, tyvm.
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Reasons I'm a math major, #6:

I much prefer reading five pages of extremely dense and complicated information which, when parsed, reveal absolute truth via cold hard logic in a good solid language. Particularily over reading a hundred pages which tell me what an ancient philosopher thought about concepts too vague for language to hold in an imperfect translation of a dead language.

It's like playing Phoenix Wright. The effort is all in my head.

As opposed to, say, playing Xenosaga. In which the effort is in figuring out why I care.


And then of course there's the eighty pages about how an artist's life is paaaain and his sufferings are almost beyond human imagining, because when he was 17 he embarassed himself in front of the girl he liked and when he was 14 the boy he liked said his name was weird. In German.

I'm not sure if there's a videogame analogy for that.


Oct. 15th, 2007 06:22 pm
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Mapped out my month's schedule today.

Looks like I have a midterm every class day for the next two weeks.



Oct. 10th, 2007 06:34 pm
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Another long workday, done and over with.

Select vocab from today's German Lit: Vergewaltigung, Abtreibung, Sexualerwachen. Sündenbock, Schandbube, Fünfgroschendirne. Gooo Germany. Next week: Kafka at last.

Today in Phil I compared God's treatment of humanity to behavorial psych experiments with lab rats, amused myself over God's intelligence being countable, and queried whether or not Anselm's proof actually bothers to first show that greatness even converges. It was not bad for a two-hour session on Augustine. City of God is, I freely admit, much easier on the eyes and the brain than Confessions.

Alas that it nevertheless destroys one of my favorite images of last year: Augustine is no longer Edgeworth to me, for his logic is circular and made of terrible fail. Edgeworthustine is dead.

My second (and much more colorful) shot at no-beef beef stew awaits only reheating, sitting happily in the fridge in all of its purple-orange-green splendor. I think it is going to get tofu and eggs in, just for tonight.

*edit: Out of tofu. There's something terribly, terribly sinful about an entire spoonful of beef-flavored egg yolk.

Simply awful.

Okay guyz

Oct. 8th, 2007 07:22 pm
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Yeah so

I woke up this morning after about 4 hours' sleep and made myself a breakfast of egg yolks and grated cheddar, holywow. Talk about ways to start your day. I hugged a lovely lady goodbye and went to

Class 1: Return of the First Midterm
They posted grades over the weekend and today we got to hear from the prof about it. My score was a 37 (Q: oh shit do I really suck?) which turned out to be exactly the class mean. (A: No. HAHAHAHAHA.)

He then told us anyone under 45 had done badly, and it was like bitch you just told us where the mean was, if you don't want us shooting in the dark on your test then do not make your test fucking midnight-on-the-new-moon target practice. Anyway then it was a call to my mommy (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!) and off to classes 2-4, which were pretty usual except I lost consciousness at a crucial point in German Lit, THAT WAS FUN. Turns out I can still read a play quite smoothly approx 8 seconds after jerking awake, though, so. Also HEY [ profile] catsprite: it was a botched abortion that killed the 14-year-old raped girl. Her mother gave her a 19th-century medicinal cocktail. Fuckin' Germans.

Anyway then there was Class 5: Return of the First Paper
Hey guyz remember that Plato/Aristotle paper that I spat out in the three hours before it was due? The one I was doing to test the teacher, because if he gave me an A on that scrap of overpretentious philosophical kleenex I was going to laugh a lot and blow off his class for most of the rest of the semester?


Ahee hee hee.

It's early to bed for me.


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