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Arkster ([personal profile] arkster) wrote2011-10-11 07:46 am

These never last long with sunlight on my face.

A deep dark lagoon indoors, craggy rock running up to smooth tile encasing it all, two arced points of black glassy rock formation not quite meeting, the greenish water between them swirling almost black. A warp point. Not enough for a Gate. Good.

(This companion was almost Saria in aspect, slight and broody and sharing no information but useful in most contexts - from the back row. Ze sat crouched on the rocks after the I-protagonist had gone to bed, calculating. Hir inner monologue appeared in text, and I dream-read it.)

「 ... Robo was fighting to try to reconstruct a past that never was, while Ayla was working too hard to create a future she'd never see the full range of.


only, out of the Nine who would become the Yggdrasil.

It'd have to do. 」

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