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Here for sale are all of my One Piece doujinshi. Some slash, some gen, some het, so check the summary for pairings. It's $2 for shipping in the US, no matter how many you buy. Prices are negotiable; I just want to sell them so other fans can enjoy them. I accept Paypal and money orders.

--Still Available--

Analog Type D - $8 )

Luffyline - $8 )

Posset - $8 )

Kaizoku no Nisshi 5 - $15 )


Cu Choki Chopper - $8 )

Lucky Star - $8 )

Premium Kiss 2 - $6 )
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Icon meme, you know the drill. Comment and I'll pick 7 that you have to explain. Possibly.

Hit up from [ profile] eva_kasumi. ♥

The goggles! The kittens! The GAY. )


Mar. 6th, 2007 08:04 pm
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The pairing list. She lives.

And spring break coming up too, don'cha know. )

My, my my.

This comm IS going to need some actual fic, if it's going to live.

And, I mean. Sauron/Inverse. The Gravitation-Phoenix Wright crossover is a bit... much, perhaps, but there's always Bruce Wayne/Peter Venkman to make it better.

(also I think I aced my midterm. Which, coming at the ass-end of a hella full day like this one, is really something speshul. I think I'm going to celebrate with an early bedtime.)

ps. GodTube. Hunh. Go fig.

You can tell they're Followers-of-Christ because, verily, Jesus would have used YouTube to mock people. - f_l
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Oh, FFX-2. I have missed you.

Oh, Ouran. You are made of awesome and cutewin.

Oh, One Piece/ DBZ manga crossover. I'm so glad you're out. ♥
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The first 10 people to comment on this post get to request a drabble or a sketch on a subject/character of their choosing. In return, they can post this in their journal if they want. Post all fandoms you're willing to write/draw for.

Once again, I can neither write nor draw half as well as any of you! I hope you'll request something anyway.

Random Fandoms:
One Piece (up to #248)
Final Fantasy 4, 6, 8, 10, X-2, Tactics
Shadow of the Colossus (up to #12)
Most Ghiblis (except Porco Rosso)
Last Exile
Azumanga Daioh
SNES RPGs: Earthbound, Breath of Fire, Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia

ETA: I love you all. ♥ 6 taken, 4 open!

Edit edit: SUPER-LOVE. Requests CLOSED.

I'm slated for:

One Piece: one OT5, two Nami/Vivis, and the crew vs. a Colossus (because [ profile] ezelek wins the WORLD).

Final Fantasy: One Edgar/Anna -finally done!, one Cayenne -done!- and one Delita+Ramza. - Done!

Ghibli: Laputa! Oh man I want to do a Laputa painting. - Done!

Nanoha: My choice of character. - Done! Fate, drabble and paint-sketch. Bardiche is cool.

Earthbound: Done! Two drawbles, colored pencil on cloth paper. A dinosaur and Mr. Saturn.

Re: Movie 7

Dec. 8th, 2006 02:25 am
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Robin's adventure outfit looking like a Final Fantasy getup did not at all make up for podperson!Chopper.
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I win at paper crafting and Japanese. My presentation skills may leave a bit to be desired, but all in all? Today is a win.





sell that shit, 4kids. Get your filthy, nasty hands OFF that license NOW.
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They've been piling up.

The 9-11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation.

Video: The models in the ads. Like [ profile] kahmelon said: it's one thing to read about how models are make-upped and their pictures photoshopped to within an inch of their lives. It's another to actually see it. That was something else.

Octopus camoflauge. Is this for reals?

Global Orgasm: wank for peace.

Ahhhahahaha oh my god, I want this for Christmas. No, that's a lie. I want to GIVE THIS to someone for Christmas. I just have to figure out who, because, DAMN. xDD

Memes: seduction quiz and Santa letter. Because I'm a memesheep. )

Finally, OP ANNOUNCEMENT: there are FIVE Omake. This almost makes up for none of them being a continuation of Chopperman. x3. Now if only I could find them in raw, non-YouTube form, my life would be complete. In very related news, GIP.

Back to work for me!
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So I'm approaching the material in a new way now, namely devouring the manga first and then going after the anime. I kinda like it this way! It also ensures that I understand every single line the first time, which is nice.

I've read up to the end of volume 34, but only seen up to 231. Anyway, general Water 7 thoughts.

Of the shipyards and shipwrights of Pirate Venice. )

The new ending is the best thing ever. COSTUME MONTAGE. Oh my god OP animators, I love you all eternally and forever.
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Back. Charged up. Ready.

Life is fucking good.

Incidentally, best movie to watch on a plane when you're in the middle seat and the youngish men on either side of you are almost guaranteed to be watching too: FF7AC with joke subs. Bar none. Motorcycle swordfights + knitting jokes. I think I amused the shit out of both of them, nevermind the older guy who leaned over while in line for the bathroom.

Written on the earlier flight. Eps 220-224: Post DavyBack filler. )

When I got on the bus from airport to college and pulled out the iMaTact, the randomizer picked my starter song. I hadn't even known it was on there.

Yeh. Life is good.
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I'm in California! It is sunny and warm.

There is an actual anime called Bartender. It's pretty terrible.

When you wear the afro, your punch will become unstoppable.


Oct. 25th, 2006 09:01 am
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Oct. 9th, 2006 02:20 pm
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So I just went into the East Asian Library here for the first time.

Three floors underground, past a hundred stacks full of knowledge in who knows how many languages, in the corner far away from any noise or other human beings, I found the shelf with books on Japanese math. Math in Japan. The relationship between Japan-developed AI and the language's writing system. That sort of thing.


I love libraries so much. The concentrated knowledge seeps out from every shelf. I searched out the Asian folk art section too, and now I think I want to do this semester's presentation on pepakura and its roots in Japanese paper art. Because come on, how sweet would that be. PAPERCRAFT! I can bring in visual aids and talk about the difference between folk art and high art and simple craft, or maybe talk about the mathematics of the thing- I CAN MAKE MY OWN MODEL AND IT WOULD BE RESEARCH because it's a geometry/art exercise omg omg omg. Omg.

Also had my first private session with Sensei today! We went over all the bits of the Murakami book I'm reading that I'd had a little trouble with and posted about in the class blog. I learned which weird usages were Murakami-isms, which were weird but oft-used slang, which weren't actually weird at all, and which were idioms with Yakuza connotations. Heee! Murakami is FUN class reading.

Mainly, though, I learned that I was in fact asking the right questions. There were only a couple of points in there that I could've found in any dictionary with the right searches. For the most part it was things like the Yakuza idiom- if I hadn't asked Sensei I would never have found out what the hell that was. And that makes me feel damn good, that I am understanding most- let's say, 85%- of the stuff that CAN be understood without having actually grown up in Japanese culture.

i could do a presentation on pepakuraaaaaaa~

Double GIP

Sep. 23rd, 2006 04:57 am
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Blurry though it may be, this gif should be all you need to know about the One Piece Year-End Special. Yes. Your eyes do not decieve. One Piece... in EDO JAPAN.

Go watch it. Now. It's on Gerusama. PONYTAIL SANJI. (Vivi is there too.)

Also, I think [ profile] thekaraokeninja unintentionally won this week's No-Prize!

Simple is best. >D
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I need a caption for this icon.

Image Hosted by

Add it yourself or post it in comments. Best one gets the awesome and coveted No-Prize, not seen since Marvel grew up.
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SO I went to Anime club, which does a lot more than just showings here.

I brought back with me to my room four girls, three of whom hadn't seen One Piece before, and started Jaya/Skypiea because that's what I have.

The fourth is a one-year exchange student from Japan named Mihoko. When she introduced herself in club she said if we wanted to know about Comiket and stuff we could ask her. Naturally I went to her immediately when official talk adjourned.

she's a One Piece dork and Sanji is her favorite

I mentioned Mandarake and she melted on me

and now there are three more converts who want to see MOAR. 8DDD

Oh man, nothing like a bit of sleep and a lot of fandom. With company. ♥


Aug. 18th, 2006 11:09 pm
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Awwww, recap. ♥

You know, this is the... third, maybe? Second or third recap episode so far. Out of 203.

'bout the right proportion. Definitely.

Also, I concur: best filler arc ever. Likeable villain. Silliness and good action in balance. Plus the writers really seem to like Zoro and Usopp, and Robin.
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One may stray from the path of a man...
One may stray from the path of a woman...
But there is no straying from the path of a HUMAN!
My friends, scatter into the sky of truth, and BLOSSOM!

I am so. fucking. proud of this. :'D It took me forever. Pastels on sketchpad. Dear Usopp: You are so fun to draw and I love you. Also, sunset clouds. ♥ So haaappy.

Background: weeks and weeks ago, Spiderflower and I were discussing Bon Clay's probable attempts at fanfic. )

Enough with my babble. C&C PLZ 8D

Crossposted to [ profile] one_piece


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