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Today in German Lit the prof used our current government for examples to illustrate how a common citizen experiences and accepts fascism. It felt very lopsided, as it usually is when he's challenging us to contest him in German, but it's useful that way.

We also learned that the second German word for suicide, Selbstmord, is Freitod - the "free death". It really does make more and more sense every week, why the Meiji-era Japanese government delegation to Europe was so utterly impressed with Germany.

Meanwhile I am posting this in the break between Phil hours. John Locke is a wordy little wanker and I don't like him, and there's no oxygen in this room. haaaaalp. =(


Nov. 30th, 2007 03:41 pm
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I just finished reading a 200-page German novel. It took me about a week.

I say this often, but that's because it still boggles: I didn't know six words in German last June.

Celebratory TwiPri time.


Nov. 10th, 2007 10:13 pm
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Yes, alright.

I like Heinrich Böll.

Okay yeah

Oct. 31st, 2007 04:52 pm
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I actually have two problems with the given statements for Anselm's proof of God.

The first is that he doesn't after all establish that greatness converges. He assumes 'greater' is an objective and ordered measurement, neither of which square with the universe with which I'm familiar.

The second is this idea that reality is a subset of understanding. If I'm following this thing right, he is dividing the world into things which are in the understanding, and things which are understood to exist. He simply doesn't include things which are not in the understanding, or things which are understood to not be in the understanding. This is more of a personal problem than a mathematical one but it's still a pretty big hole, to my thinking.

...Actually, this leads to a third hole: even if greatness is a valid metric, who says things which are great converge within the set of the understanding?

In other news, my German midterm scared the shit out of me today. Last question, 40% of the exam: "Write a short analysis of such-and-such a poem." I immediately think: "We were supposed to read that poem!? We haven't read poetry for six weeks! Shit shit shit did I miss something on the syllabus I was sick last week and since then the Prof's been out of town and SHIT I will fail this midterm."

Halfway through the midterm? Printouts of the poem are distributed.

G'ahhhh. why yes I did enjoy my cardiac arrest, tyvm.
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Reasons I'm a math major, #6:

I much prefer reading five pages of extremely dense and complicated information which, when parsed, reveal absolute truth via cold hard logic in a good solid language. Particularily over reading a hundred pages which tell me what an ancient philosopher thought about concepts too vague for language to hold in an imperfect translation of a dead language.

It's like playing Phoenix Wright. The effort is all in my head.

As opposed to, say, playing Xenosaga. In which the effort is in figuring out why I care.


And then of course there's the eighty pages about how an artist's life is paaaain and his sufferings are almost beyond human imagining, because when he was 17 he embarassed himself in front of the girl he liked and when he was 14 the boy he liked said his name was weird. In German.

I'm not sure if there's a videogame analogy for that.


Oct. 10th, 2007 06:34 pm
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Another long workday, done and over with.

Select vocab from today's German Lit: Vergewaltigung, Abtreibung, Sexualerwachen. Sündenbock, Schandbube, Fünfgroschendirne. Gooo Germany. Next week: Kafka at last.

Today in Phil I compared God's treatment of humanity to behavorial psych experiments with lab rats, amused myself over God's intelligence being countable, and queried whether or not Anselm's proof actually bothers to first show that greatness even converges. It was not bad for a two-hour session on Augustine. City of God is, I freely admit, much easier on the eyes and the brain than Confessions.

Alas that it nevertheless destroys one of my favorite images of last year: Augustine is no longer Edgeworth to me, for his logic is circular and made of terrible fail. Edgeworthustine is dead.

My second (and much more colorful) shot at no-beef beef stew awaits only reheating, sitting happily in the fridge in all of its purple-orange-green splendor. I think it is going to get tofu and eggs in, just for tonight.

*edit: Out of tofu. There's something terribly, terribly sinful about an entire spoonful of beef-flavored egg yolk.

Simply awful.

Okay guyz

Oct. 8th, 2007 07:22 pm
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Yeah so

I woke up this morning after about 4 hours' sleep and made myself a breakfast of egg yolks and grated cheddar, holywow. Talk about ways to start your day. I hugged a lovely lady goodbye and went to

Class 1: Return of the First Midterm
They posted grades over the weekend and today we got to hear from the prof about it. My score was a 37 (Q: oh shit do I really suck?) which turned out to be exactly the class mean. (A: No. HAHAHAHAHA.)

He then told us anyone under 45 had done badly, and it was like bitch you just told us where the mean was, if you don't want us shooting in the dark on your test then do not make your test fucking midnight-on-the-new-moon target practice. Anyway then it was a call to my mommy (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!) and off to classes 2-4, which were pretty usual except I lost consciousness at a crucial point in German Lit, THAT WAS FUN. Turns out I can still read a play quite smoothly approx 8 seconds after jerking awake, though, so. Also HEY [ profile] catsprite: it was a botched abortion that killed the 14-year-old raped girl. Her mother gave her a 19th-century medicinal cocktail. Fuckin' Germans.

Anyway then there was Class 5: Return of the First Paper
Hey guyz remember that Plato/Aristotle paper that I spat out in the three hours before it was due? The one I was doing to test the teacher, because if he gave me an A on that scrap of overpretentious philosophical kleenex I was going to laugh a lot and blow off his class for most of the rest of the semester?


Ahee hee hee.

It's early to bed for me.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 09:51 am
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It's FMA in German.

Not Satanic experiements. Alchemical.

Not transmuting gold. Making PEEEOPLE.

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HUaaaaaghh, done for the week nao.

I ♥ topology. It goes, and I get it. And the homework this weekend looks easy, which good, because I'm going to have a fun enough time analyzing German poetry. Yeaaaaahuh.

Why the shit did Abe resign from Prime Minister? I mean I know J-politics isn't normally covered in our channels and lord knows my news exposure has been nil for AWHILE, but I thought LDP was The Establishment and he was The Man. Srsly, what in hell is going on over there? o.O


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