Feb. 28th, 2009 06:27 pm
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I just walked for a little over two hours straight.

And then biked for another quarter-hour home.

Walked my bike to repair place! Then walked to the homewares megastore over in the other 町 - kind of a distance from the north end of Onett to Burglin Park in Twoson, if that helps visualize it for anybody else. Har.

The ocean's pretty, and the air down along there helped my headache on this gray wet day when everybody seems determined to burn their trash.

I hereby declare myself totally freed from having to actually cook dinner. Even instadinners in Japan are basically healthy, anyway.

ps: [ profile] catsprite, [ profile] sharkswlazers: I made you your meme-things. Do I still have the right addresses for sendings? Ping me on AIM or LJ-PM me or something.

asdkfh YAY

Sep. 25th, 2008 05:57 pm
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Today things worked out like BURNING AWESOME. I kept four separate classes of 24+ 7th and 8th graders not only occupied but INTERESTED, 50m each, this was the school everybody warned me about. Everybody. Including their own teacher. Twice. And I TAUGHT THEM ENGLISH and they appeared to WANT TO LEARN IT. \o/ Plus the principal likes me & is impressed, and the office (knowing this principal) is in turn impressed by this!

AND THEN I got care package from the paternal unit. ♥ Photos! Maple syrup! Jelly! CHOCOLATE. asdflk; life is sooooooooo good.

I am a happy tired. |Db

**asdl;jnxcvjklhadfsx raspberry jaaaaaaaaaaaaam ♥ happy, so happy. Happier than the cosmos king with a 100% katamari. so happy.


Jul. 5th, 2008 11:00 pm
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So it turns out there are THREE movies adjoined to Batman: TAS, and the two we watched in the GeekSuite were by far the lesser ones. Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero is a great piece of work, and I'm not just saying that because it's primarily about Dick & Babs. It's sweet and charming and has a motorcycle chase and an exploding oil rig. Also the best melding of CGI and drawn animation that 1998 had to offer. It's really very pretty when simple three-dimensional shapes are floated behind or in front of the drawn cels; there's an attention to aesthetic appeal that one rarely sees in this period when CGI was mostly used to say "look! We have computers!"

The music is gorgeous. The movement is smooth as butta. The acting is top flippin' notch.

Solid A-. People itching for Batman should pick it up.
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Well, last night the poor old lappie gave up the ghost- brought her in today, and the Genius at the bar confirmed that the logic board was gone. Poor Layle. *salute*

I did make a good backup, and so once I get home this new and beautiful baby will be loaded up with just about everything I need save for Teen Titans and maybe some recently acquired music. Meanwhile I've been busily setting her up with all the applications I think I need- I'm trying out Journalert for LJ this time, and already I like it better than Xjournal. Leopard is pretty freaking gorgeous. My screen is nice and wide, and oh hay I has a webcam.

So I guess life is good! Spring break sure has gone by fast though.

Things this pretty baby still needs for it to be really mine:

[X] A name
[X] Wallpaper -- bless you, /w/! Bless you, /wg/!
[X] Music (possibly need to futz with the Apple Store about recently purchased musics) -- in the meantime Pandora is lovely.
[X] Some skins (Shapeshifter doesn't work with 10.5! Noooo, what do I do now ;.;) -- I am newly in love with Nocturne, and icons are always funtimes. I think CandyBar is kind of bullshit that it's $25 for the upgrade, tho.
[X] QUICKSILVER! -- How I have missed it.
[ ] Something to fill this amazing 95 gigs of free space, hoshit. We'll have to see about that.
[X] A hella word processor. Anybody like their freeware beast? -- OpenOffice will do well for now. Thanks, BSD!

That will do FOR NOW. =D

***edit: Checklist mostly checked, and check THIS shit out:

Mildly creepy dock icons? Check. Bitchin' backgrounds? Check. Slick, slick setup? Double-check. )
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So somewhere in between deciding to make ramen for lunch, dicing up a few greens, discarding the flavor packet in favor of furikake and garlic, and simmering it all with an egg and red miso, it occurred to me.

I was making ramen for lunch.

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Sep. 6th, 2006 09:02 pm
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I just talked my way into Level 4+: a Japanese class for grad students on dense readings from academic texts.

This will either kill me or make me much, much stronger.

I will NOT be repeating material.

The first one is on history theory. Kanji quiz tomorrow. I've got tonight to learn forty-something words like "constructivism" and "transfiguration".

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One may stray from the path of a man...
One may stray from the path of a woman...
But there is no straying from the path of a HUMAN!
My friends, scatter into the sky of truth, and BLOSSOM!

I am so. fucking. proud of this. :'D It took me forever. Pastels on sketchpad. Dear Usopp: You are so fun to draw and I love you. Also, sunset clouds. ♥ So haaappy.

Background: weeks and weeks ago, Spiderflower and I were discussing Bon Clay's probable attempts at fanfic. )

Enough with my babble. C&C PLZ 8D

Crossposted to [ profile] one_piece

Whee back!

Apr. 22nd, 2006 09:33 pm
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Image hosting by Photobucket

So yes, I biked up to get groceries and back. I count this as an adventure because a) biking in my town is like wearing a giant 'Hit Me' sign, and b) there were a number of things my bike in Japan had that I took for granted, when in fact my bike here does not have them. These were 1) a kickstand, 2) a bell, and 3) A LIGHT. ahahaha. Biking in the dark? SO not cool.

But I got back, and got all the ice cream in the freezer before it melted and the fruit in the 'fridge before it wilted. There was a sale on Ben & Jerry's. For realz. Tonight I sup upon Fudge Central ice cream with strawberries mixed in. (Sup? 'Dine' isn't right, since I had dinner at the store, but 'dessert' is not a verb. 'Sup' sounds like the greeting, though. HMM.)

Sadly, my cheap little Japanese mp3 player has gone wonky so I'm back to the iPod, my trusty Log Pose. It's weird- the mp3 player didn't have a randomizer, so I s'pose I got used to not having this, but LP really is psychic with the Shuffle command. It pulled up focused songs when I needed to concentrate and watch for cars and nice happy travel songs when I could relax on bike trails. Fun times.

And now, to buckle down to translation. Geez, I'm behind.
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While out walking with my grandmother today, I found a movie ticket on the ground, dated April 7th. It was unused.

I picked it up, because I'd never heard of a movie entitled Rape of the Soul before.


Feb. 27th, 2006 03:56 pm
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So I went out for a walk, right? And I was feeling PRETTY so I dressed fairly nice-casual. In particular I wore an excellent little sky-blue jacket that I'd never worn before. It's a glorious day, just warming up to pleasantly cool and with lots of wind.

Went out, but not very far because the park and the river were right there and beautiful. Walked along down the river a ways, crossed a bridge, walked back. Twigged by the time I was near where I'd split off to get back home that there was not another bridge for quite some ways in either direction. There was, however, the remains of what must have once been a rough dam forming a convenient string of stepping stones across nicely shallow water.

People all around, of course. I waited for two little boys to get off the stones first. And then I hung my boots off of the strap for my MP3 player, stuck my socks in 'em, rolled up my pants, and twisted my nice jacket into a roll around my waist. And went~!

In retrospect the jacket would've been safer 'round my neck. XD Ah well, live and learn, and it didn't get splashed MUCH when I fell! Didn't even short the player.

It was pretty cool all around, really. About halfway through it really hit me that the people behind me on the shore HAD to be watching, and I started shaking really bad. I stepped back onto one rock, took a glance upstream at the water, listened hard to my music, and went on. And then three steps before it was over I DID fall in, which meant the worst came to pass and it was not that bad! Which, y'know, intellectually I knew, but there's no arguing with that kind of stupid public-embarassment phobia. Except to show it that making a fool of myself is actually pretty damn funny.

I wanna go play FF9~! *flounces off*

(did I mention I've now been awake for 24 hours? 8D)
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A little over half an hour ago, the front door unlocked itself.


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