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Here are a few comic panels that mostly fell by the wayside during iconing. They were still very worth sharing.

Context is for the weak.

Batman says I'm too young to pick up girls. But he also hates America, so what does he know? )

I'm learning to type on my one-handed keyboard today! It is slow going, but I'm getting there.

Hope life is as or more fun for you all.
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Illustration. )

"Perhaps at first glance you cannot find the mistake that is being made by the young lady in the picture opposite. Obviously, the four young people are on their way to a picnic, or an outing, or a sports occasion of some kind. They are all attired in sports clothes. But the lady on the running-board is wearing high heels which are absolutely inappropriate with sports clothes.

Just a detail, you may say, but it is just such details as these that condemn one as ill-bred. Mistakes in dress are immediately evident to the well-groomed person. A dressy hat should not be worn with a sports coat. A sports jacket should not be worn over an afterrnoon frock. Just as there is a certain correct costume for every occasion, there are certain "parts" that go to make up that correct costume. One "part" wrongly selected- such as the high-heeled shoes above- and the costume is no longer correct.

In other words, the motto for people who want to be correctly dressed at all times is, "There's a time for every dress- and every dress in its time!"
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Five fairly large but breathtaking doujin scans. Hellllls yes. Luffy/Zoro, but the hawt is shared almost equally across the five. )

p.s. if anyone wanted to make any sweet icons out of this (especially Sanji oh god the Sanji) I would totally make it worth your while.

*edit: Crossposted to [ profile] one_piece. Also, have a 'cap icon.


Jul. 12th, 2006 02:32 pm
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I am now in possession of a 106-year-old drill book for learning shorthand. Oh, who never grew out of wanting to know seekrit codes? That would be me. 8D

Along with this is a nearly equally aged book of illustrated ettiquette problems, full of pretty pictures and tiny details of the kind I absolutely adore. A sample:

The etiquette of the tea-room and roof garden is very much like the etiquette of the restaurant and hotel dining-room.  )

The woman has hat, gloves, and cape. Don't ask me why the rest of it is so fascinating because I don't know, but women's clothing circa 1922 is really, really pretty. And graceful. And in many instances hawt. Sure, they don't get to wear pants, but their skirts are light and pretty and knee-length and everyone seems to have believed in trailing things. I really like trailing things. Fringed capes and scarves and fluttering veils and even hats with the right amount of wavy things are just lovely all over. Now if only everyone's hair weren't sculpted and then plastered down I would go for the whole style.

Scan: improper use of a finger bowl. )
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Scans of One Piece Color Walk 1! Mostly the Early Days pages. Long, pic-heavy post.

Follow the cut for my crappy scans~! Antler'd Zoro, Bionic!Nami, Luffy the ARTEEST, and more! )


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