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What's the first time you ever killed off a character?

One of yours, I mean, one you'd petted and fed and watered and seen grow. One who'd surprised you, multiple times. One you'd grown to love and see yourself in, and - more gratifyingly - see all the ways you're different and always will be. One you'd enjoyed knowing, in all his or her or its imperfect rambling ways.

I'm two martinis in and I don't know how to feel.
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Much to do! Much to ponder. Much to scramble for! My life of the past two months has become the variety of serial I've never held much interest in to watch, much less experience and create. So little time. RP keeps me engaged with people.

Meme! I promised the pairing meme, and now it seems ridiculous. Only one of my characters is likely to find satisfaction within adult monogamy, and that because she can't yet conceive of any alternative.

I actually do not own that many things.
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I UNDERSTAAAAAAAAND. Everything, or close to everything, after the duel with Juri. I think I even get why the story was told this way!

Incoming. )

Hey guys

May. 30th, 2009 02:11 am
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Hey hey guys

Did you know that when you bake blueberries into chocolate cake, the smears they leave on the plate when you eat the first couple slices all warm and gooey are multicolored? There's a dark kind of blue-green teal and then there's the rich purple I'm all used to.

Hey [ profile] crystal_sun396

I finally did your meme thing

It's actually pretty alright I think. Which is something I don't say about my own stuff a lot but man, I am really enjoying this thing called a brush-pen.

Lobsang Before Noon )

Koni, Jenneh, gimme some ideas so's I can create somethin' for ya. Stream-of-consciousness ramble at me. Link me a picture you like. Anythin'.

Life is way better with warm chocolate-blueberry cake in you. Also I ground fresh cinnamon in, 'cuz apparently I can't leave a recipe alone anymore without doing something to it. I think this is a good sign.

'Night, internet.
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My pen was unLOCKED today.

It was magical.

So many bats, you guys. )


ps no wait one more

This one is a few days old. I call him Spot.
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I've just peeled three slices off of my frozen kilo of special-order German bacon. It's thawing very slowly in the saucepan on low heat. Oh god it already smells so good.

+ In goes: half an onion. One of the brand-new fresh-grown local ones I got at Produce Tuesday at the supermarket. Possibly too much? Possibly not. OH HEY ALMOST FORGOT the garlic.

+holy god smells good. I need to lay off of RPing before it goes stale and I burn out. By which I mean, just pull back a little. Not quit.

+Collard greens. I think they're collard greens? Nice big kimchi-shaped green leafy things. Real name [kanji I didn't bother to decipher]. Lovely for that iron, yanno. Pushing Daisies is a great show, but it makes me crave cheese and human contact. One of these things I acquired in the same splurge that netted me that bacon. The other is less easy to come by, which is ridiculous.

+I wonder if one reason I can RP Tim so well is I'm touch-deprived. Also, I wonder if this would be better or just ridiculously hedonistic if I added butter. Or some of that gouda.

+SHROOMS. Of course there are 'shrooms.

+The new fire alarm is much more obliging than the old one, which went off if I boiled water for pasta. Also, I'm weak & self-indulgent: +gouda.

+OH HEY, I have rice ready in the cooker! Fried rice, GO.

+Hmmm, gouda isn't really a melty-spready cheese, is it? More of an ooze-slightly and warm-nicely cheese that can actually be burnt against the frypan. Oh well! Live and learn, I say. Live and learn and serve awesome fried rice with appropriate mixed drinks.


+I stand corrected, the gouda melted most obligingly once I mixed it all up. All over the bacon. The big fat slices of slow-cooked German bacon why yes I am making embarassing involuntary noises. With my mouth.

+But there was, in retrospect, too much onion. Those fresh ones are strong.


Today's Experiment ... ... ...
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Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank yoooooooooooooooooooou~ ♥

Whoever you are. You know who you are. Unless there were TWO of you buying me paidtime on RP. In which case, *explodes*

thanks. :* Thanks bunches, Anon. You are pretty cool.
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It's days like this that make me think I could easily work this job for another year.

Which was one reason I signed the form not to recontract today. If I'm still determined to stop after a day as good as this, then I know what I'm doing.

I'm looking through grad schools this week.

And this evening I taught myself Amazing Grace on my new harmonica. Its first song. I've never really played one before.

I finished two more postcards. Gotta spray these puppies and send 'em. I did send a batch off last week, hope you guys like 'em. They're just exceedingly amateurish pastels, that's all, but I think I'm getting better.

Oh, and at least four active rp plots and twice as many apps are in some stage of progress.

Now I just need to finish my Japanese homework, read some more Dostoyevski, play a little more TWEWY, and put together my writing notes over the next ten days.

Going to a friend's house this weekend to try on kimono. I'll try to find my camera by then but it seems it's well and truly lost. Pity.

Hey, [ profile] tmartian42. Let me know when you've a free hour or two in which you feel like RPing, if such a thing occurs? I think the three or four of us could bang out a full scene if we just sat down and traded short tags for a bit.

Hey, [ profile] uncompromisable. I'm not really sure what this shout-out is for, I just want to send affectionate greetings. It seems like I keep contacting you asking for things, and it leads me to ponder what else I could do.

Hey, [ profile] ezelek. Thanks for hauling Hannon's comatose butt around a small forest moon of Endor yesterday. I'll try and schedule kimono fitting for the afternoon so you don't have to do it again. But if you were serious about executing that plot we discussed, then perhaps we could engineer some dramatic, hilarious fashion in which it is The Grumpiest Little Komrade's fault.


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