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Well. That was much more pleasant and internally consistent than Game of Shadows. Fun dialogue, too.

Irene Adler was a personification of sex, which I do not pay as an unreserved compliment. On some level I think the fight against sexist tropes in Sherlock Holmes retellings is already a lost cause. On another I liked that her sexyness a) held real power and b) wasn't demeaned; that her work wasn't used to titillate or to dehumanize her. I was thinking of the DC Madam for much of it, or at least the sensationalized media caricature labelled with that name. So her sex appeal did not bother me as much as it might have. The nude scene was worth it for "??????"

She is defeated by the ~weakness of her heart~, which is unambiguously deplorable. Disappointing in the extreme and only slightly mitigated by Sherlock's apparently sufficient sentiment to rescue her from terrorists. Maybe.

Sherlock is very ace and Irene is very gay and the two of them delight in each others' company, and so before the endgame their actual interaction is truly fun. Sherlock and Watson do just as well - if not better - than they did in season 1. The unspoken dialogue was possibly the best part of the entire episode - the sequence in which everyone carefully does not say the word 'cocaine' and Sherlock appears to be on perfect terms with the fact that he lives with two people who regularly search his room for highly destructive drugs and often mess up his sock index in the process.

As with Game of Shadows, I wish there had been more Watson.

Mrs. Hudson's unexpected sly foxitude was delightful.
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What did I just watch? I just. I don't even. I'm not really sure. Let's make this a Cracked article.

Okay this cut is for spoilers even though I'm not doing plot details so whatever )

There are a few more spoilers here I guess. Not really though. )

So, final word.

Everything they kept from the first movie: awesome.

Nearly everything they cribbed from other movies, genres and tropes: not so awesome, also, waste of time. I think there was maybe an hour of Sherlock Holmes Movie in my 130-minute Sherlock Holmes movie. 90 minutes, tops. The rest was Sherlock Holmes... starring In Something Else.


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