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在中文的[时空之旅],Lucca的妈妈叫L A L A。

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Dork rec

Jan. 26th, 2010 03:45 pm
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Turtles Forever is a crossover between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles attempted-gritty animated reboot and the original puffy-cheeked initialed-belt April-had-a-yellow-jumpsuit cartoon. It is more hilarious the more you get into it, and most likely to be worth the watch if you're at all familiar with the original comic book material.

And it's on Youtube.

You're welcome.
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Just vague, terrible attempts to get coordinated with the pen.

|3 It was on sale. How could I not?

ps Also, some ink-brush things. The courtyard of Arkham Asylum, and a gift for Eva. )

Good night.
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Crap. Dangit Mom. Crap.

I love you. So much. But if you send me a Paint Your Own Nesting Dolls set of blanks you know what I HAVE to do with them.

Nesting Bats, coming right up. |D

(love you, mommy. ♥)
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I've just peeled three slices off of my frozen kilo of special-order German bacon. It's thawing very slowly in the saucepan on low heat. Oh god it already smells so good.

+ In goes: half an onion. One of the brand-new fresh-grown local ones I got at Produce Tuesday at the supermarket. Possibly too much? Possibly not. OH HEY ALMOST FORGOT the garlic.

+holy god smells good. I need to lay off of RPing before it goes stale and I burn out. By which I mean, just pull back a little. Not quit.

+Collard greens. I think they're collard greens? Nice big kimchi-shaped green leafy things. Real name [kanji I didn't bother to decipher]. Lovely for that iron, yanno. Pushing Daisies is a great show, but it makes me crave cheese and human contact. One of these things I acquired in the same splurge that netted me that bacon. The other is less easy to come by, which is ridiculous.

+I wonder if one reason I can RP Tim so well is I'm touch-deprived. Also, I wonder if this would be better or just ridiculously hedonistic if I added butter. Or some of that gouda.

+SHROOMS. Of course there are 'shrooms.

+The new fire alarm is much more obliging than the old one, which went off if I boiled water for pasta. Also, I'm weak & self-indulgent: +gouda.

+OH HEY, I have rice ready in the cooker! Fried rice, GO.

+Hmmm, gouda isn't really a melty-spready cheese, is it? More of an ooze-slightly and warm-nicely cheese that can actually be burnt against the frypan. Oh well! Live and learn, I say. Live and learn and serve awesome fried rice with appropriate mixed drinks.


+I stand corrected, the gouda melted most obligingly once I mixed it all up. All over the bacon. The big fat slices of slow-cooked German bacon why yes I am making embarassing involuntary noises. With my mouth.

+But there was, in retrospect, too much onion. Those fresh ones are strong.


Today's Experiment ... ... ...


Feb. 28th, 2009 06:27 pm
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I just walked for a little over two hours straight.

And then biked for another quarter-hour home.

Walked my bike to repair place! Then walked to the homewares megastore over in the other 町 - kind of a distance from the north end of Onett to Burglin Park in Twoson, if that helps visualize it for anybody else. Har.

The ocean's pretty, and the air down along there helped my headache on this gray wet day when everybody seems determined to burn their trash.

I hereby declare myself totally freed from having to actually cook dinner. Even instadinners in Japan are basically healthy, anyway.

ps: [ profile] catsprite, [ profile] sharkswlazers: I made you your meme-things. Do I still have the right addresses for sendings? Ping me on AIM or LJ-PM me or something.
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Companion to the Ninth Doctor.

Aw, man, I love [ profile] earth_12.


Feb. 20th, 2009 07:49 pm
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The contestants on this game show are actually competing for a chance to be kicked in the ass.

No. Really!

It's being marketed as-- exercise? To TONE YOUR THIGHS are you fucking serious.

Okay, that's prize 1. Prize 2 is to be the fourth person in a line of four which a bike is going to jump over, in a stunt previously done by this guy with only three people. And Prize 3 is... the world's spiciest soup? The guy who brought it in had to wear goggles and a face mask to protect his eyes and nose.


The last two rounds they were trying to WIN, and now they're trying to lose. Oooof course. Okay, so this is really a great game in terms of game theory. Five contestants are given three options. Then they take turns entering one of three corresponding booths, hidden from the others. The booth - or booths - left with one person in them signify the prize which that person has won.

But wait. It gets better.

The contestants state their preferences beforehand. And then they're given more information about each prize. And then they have to choose.

SO say you're the second person. And the first person and you both said "I want the gourmet billion-dollar steak." But then the amazing fish dish started looking better, so you change your choice hoping the first person didn't.

And then the fourth person goes 'Well Mr. One and Ms. Two both wanted the steak. I said I wanted the steak too, but that was a lie- I actually want the fish." And then he picks fish, and both him and Ms. Two are out of the running. 8D

(Mr. Five picked fish too. Steak and duck were consumed, with orgasmic-looking pleasure.)

And THIS round they're all trying to pick which one is the LEAST undesirable, natch. So far three have picked the bike stunt, and they're like WHOO we're safe, none of us have to do anything. And then Mr. 4 picked the spicy soup and now he's really worried he'll have to eat it.

Muahaha. And now Mr. 5 goes, "Well if EVERYbody's out, that's no fun, let's find one that hasn't been picked. I bet nobody's picked this! I choose ass-kicking!!!"


Thus purposely dooming himself, AND unintentionally screwing over Mr. Hot n' Spicy over there. He assumed the other booths each had two people.

... Ow, that looked like it hurt.

Aaaand poor guy. Wow. He said it hurt his mouth just getting it near. ... oh lord. "[I'M GONNA TASTE THAT FOREEEEVER]"

... yeah alright. Cruel.

Oh, Japanese game shows. For a second I thought he was going to spit up all over the host.
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All the memes I see going around tend to involve 'what do you think of me' or 'what do you think of this' or so on. And thusly.

Pick any one of the panels below and I shall give you

a) My thoughts, in-universe
b) My thoughts, meta-style
c) My thoughts on yaoi
d) My thoughts on YOU. Using the panel. Somehow.

Whichever you prefer.

Bonus round: try and identify where they're all from! Or at the least the nonobvious ones. =D

And-a one two three four five TEEN TITANS GO! )


Oct. 1st, 2008 10:37 pm
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are the most awesome geeks ever. ever.

**EDIT: o-omg. replacing this with a full episode because. because. SUFFERING SAPPHOS. |Db oh 60's, you were a good idea.
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Comment with the name of a character from any fandom I follow, and I'll respond with a few articles of my own personal headcanon.
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So the car episode in season 1 is really not that great an episode. It is about Cyborg and his car, and to a lesser extent Raven and her ongoing indoctrination into peer society. But it is worth watching because of Robin. Because for every scene Robin is in, nay, for every frame, he is so happy.

Like this. All the time. )

He doesn't say it much. But you can see it on his face for the entire episode. We have a caar! We have a caaaaar!

Suck on it, Batman! We have a caaaaaaaaaaaarr!
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Posting from work; absolutely must tell you all this while it is fresh in my mind. So terrible, I know.

We had an adventure to get rid of this horrible gigantic black leather couch taking up space and sucking out soul in my apartment, and by we I mean George, myself, and the cable guys. Details to come. THE POINT IS.

We drove through a tunnel in the mountains to get to a different 'cho', a small town/village-type block just one over from our own. This was where the nearest large-garbage dump place was located; it also has a middle school and elementary school bearing its name to which I will be going when they are back in session. We were driving back toward the heavily-forested mountain, impassable save for this tunnel, and you can't really see our cho from the other side of it. Or indeed any others. Each of these cho is in a little pocket in the woods/mountains, connected only by tunnels, coexisting with different features in each: a Town Hall in one, a dump in another, a department store in maybe two. Schools in most. And so we drove up to the mountain tunnel and it hit me.

You guys.

I am living in the first half of Earthbound.
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I typed this up while watching on the plane over. Am now DROWNING IN PAPER and also INFORMATION. Life is BUSY. The world is COMPLICATED again.

Gotham Knight: watch notes. I'm a VA dork. )
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Get on a plane tomorra. Thought I'd toss these up before I went.

You rear-ended Barry Allen? )

Off I go.
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Aww, baby's first casemod.

So much to do! Busy busy busy.


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