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Lina: whhhhhhh
Lina: the daycare across the street just started playing music in the playground, loud
Lina: it took me awhile to ID it because it's kind of chiptune'd
Koni: The toddlers are tearing it up?
Lina: it's the PotC theme.
Koni: ...Pirate style.

Kero: what are you having for lunch?
Lina: ... I should probably have more than just raw ramen, huh.
Kero: you should put the sauce on it
Lina: I did.

Lina: Some questions just hang in the air
Lina: impossible to answer, like a zen koan
Lina: only demanded, with utterly jawdropped resignation:
Lina: "What do you do with forty-five honorary degree academic hoods??"
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I Fight Dragons.

Excellent music for the nostalgic gamer. Try the Overture, or I Fight Ganon.

And then click on Rick and Mario.



Jul. 3rd, 2009 02:32 pm
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I just earned a full days' salary for having a lunch party with nagashi soumen and homegrown homemade french fries, beautifully seasoned.

The prefix 'home', in this instance, denotes Favorite Backwater Middle School, the 14-student bastion of cheery thought and good cooking in the mountains where I spent my birthday and any number of other memorable occasions. I leave them with the ability to pronounce 'th', knowledge of proper procedure to create a pop-up Christmas card, awareness of an obscure American festival known as Mardi Gras, and a mix CD of TV themes, Queen, and Paul and Storm.

Nagashi soumen is when you have a really, really long piece of bamboo, split down the middle. And you prop one end of this half fairly high up on a table, and stick the other half in a sieve in the sink on the other side of the cooking classroom. With a bit of rubber hosing, you start up a steady stream of water down the makeshift canal, there, and then you take your giant bowl of slippery noodles and drop them, chopstickful by chopstickful, into the stream. Those consuming said noodles are waiting along the sides of the bamboo, chopstics at the ready to fish their lunch from running water. They dip it once in your little bowl of soy broth (with ginger and scallions to taste,) and slurp it down in time to catch the next mouthful tumbling downstream.

I had never done this before. It's really very fun. You need to be dextrous! Or else just stick your chopsticks in the running water to catch all the noodles, but that's considered cheating.
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Somebody help me out here, my music memory is - sob - going in my old age.

Embedded vid: Gypsy music at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer )

What's the music at 7:55? It's a classic of SOMEthing, and it nags at me so. Frenetic, whirling, perhaps the melody was ganked for Looney Tunes? And yet that does not quite ring the right bells either.



Feb. 22nd, 2009 01:25 pm
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What was the name of that song that had the exact same bass intro as 'Ice, Ice, Baby' but was a substantially better piece of music?

Right, so

Feb. 2nd, 2009 10:41 pm
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I said that

and then I hit 1721 on my wordcount for today

and also pastell'd a new postcard. This is for [ profile] mabaliciousness, in accordance with the You Get Somethin' I Made meme.

There's this alternative Rinoa design on the internets... )

Aaaaaaand in the same vein, I also figured out how to play the piccolo solo from Eyes on Me. Just for you, Mab. Just because You Get Somethin' I Made doesn't mean it's at all anywhere near good. ♥ Hey, you asked for it.

One down, six to go.
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Today I taught Obama English.

"Yes, we can!" turns out to be linguistically significant at a Japanese middle school level.

More to come. possibly.

Middle schoolers. They're kinda cool. I admire them when I keep my head enough to remember the context.

ps. also taught myself the Star-Spangled Banner on harmonica. Still sounds pretty bad, though.
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It's days like this that make me think I could easily work this job for another year.

Which was one reason I signed the form not to recontract today. If I'm still determined to stop after a day as good as this, then I know what I'm doing.

I'm looking through grad schools this week.

And this evening I taught myself Amazing Grace on my new harmonica. Its first song. I've never really played one before.

I finished two more postcards. Gotta spray these puppies and send 'em. I did send a batch off last week, hope you guys like 'em. They're just exceedingly amateurish pastels, that's all, but I think I'm getting better.

Oh, and at least four active rp plots and twice as many apps are in some stage of progress.

Now I just need to finish my Japanese homework, read some more Dostoyevski, play a little more TWEWY, and put together my writing notes over the next ten days.

Going to a friend's house this weekend to try on kimono. I'll try to find my camera by then but it seems it's well and truly lost. Pity.

Hey, [ profile] tmartian42. Let me know when you've a free hour or two in which you feel like RPing, if such a thing occurs? I think the three or four of us could bang out a full scene if we just sat down and traded short tags for a bit.

Hey, [ profile] uncompromisable. I'm not really sure what this shout-out is for, I just want to send affectionate greetings. It seems like I keep contacting you asking for things, and it leads me to ponder what else I could do.

Hey, [ profile] ezelek. Thanks for hauling Hannon's comatose butt around a small forest moon of Endor yesterday. I'll try and schedule kimono fitting for the afternoon so you don't have to do it again. But if you were serious about executing that plot we discussed, then perhaps we could engineer some dramatic, hilarious fashion in which it is The Grumpiest Little Komrade's fault.
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Put your MP3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.

Limited to English, and sometimes I stretched the one-line limit. The sheer proportion of English songs I have that are relentlessly silly may have biased the meme toward awesome. I claim full responsibility.

Tom Lehrer, yeah, Paul and Storm, sure, but I think it was the Evil Dead musical that made this one. )


Apr. 27th, 2008 03:26 pm
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Dear: B:TAS writers, artists, jazz musicians

RE: A Bullet for Bullock

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But I get the feeling that you don't like it/ What's with all the screaming
You like monkies/ you like ponies/ Maybe you don't like monsters so much /Maybe I used too many monkies
Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony/ Making a gift for youuuu?
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So I'm going through my music sampler folder, full of things I meant to try out and see if I liked, and up comes this particular gem. Which one of you lovely people recced me Skullcrusher Mountain? I'm only sorry it took me so long to get around to this, because this song is made of hilarious and win. 8D
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Back. Charged up. Ready.

Life is fucking good.

Incidentally, best movie to watch on a plane when you're in the middle seat and the youngish men on either side of you are almost guaranteed to be watching too: FF7AC with joke subs. Bar none. Motorcycle swordfights + knitting jokes. I think I amused the shit out of both of them, nevermind the older guy who leaned over while in line for the bathroom.

Written on the earlier flight. Eps 220-224: Post DavyBack filler. )

When I got on the bus from airport to college and pulled out the iMaTact, the randomizer picked my starter song. I hadn't even known it was on there.

Yeh. Life is good.
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So! After picking up a breathtaking album of Miyazaki music put to koto and shakuhachi, I still have $15 left on this iTunes Music Store gift card. I have all the FF albums I want, though I might grab some single tracks. Their Japanese selection is nonexistent, at least for American buyers.

So what could I find in iTunes that's worth dropping money for, in your opinion? Especial preference for Celtic-type or otherwise spiritually fulfilling songs; I'm looking for music I can dance to, music that's meant to grip the soul. Rock, not so much. Laconic apathetic stuff, definitely not so much. Could use some comedy, too, and maybe some late-night get-this-paper-out-on-time music. Rec me!
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[Poll #744607]

I really like this song.


Jun. 5th, 2006 06:41 pm
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Went to the used CD store! Picked up L'Arc en Ciel's SMILE and another 95cent grab bag. TEH LEWT:

Drew's Famous Monster Mash Party Music
J.S. Bach, 3 Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba and Harpsichord
Adam Klipple & Drive-by Leslie: From Memphis to Bishkek
The Popgun Seven
David Eyges: Wood

Anybody ever heard of this stuff? Aside from Bach. =p
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So. That was awesome. I am hella tired. Ended up singing Before Dawn. Have a full 6-person crew + beaded flag on my bag now. Also two new OP volumes + the third artbook, scans to come, and the first volume of Basara. Also a few tiny tiny blisters on my feet.

Time for nap.
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I was just struck by this fantastic image of Nami, Vivi, and Robin singing Ai no Ondo together at karaoke.

Please tell me that somebody else in the world realizes how awesome this would be. I feel so alone in my crossfandom geekhood.

Also would like to link this OP fanfic archive, particularily for Communication and X Piece. The former because it's mostly in-character, well-paced, and feels like canon would if canon had a dab of fluffy Zoro/Luffy mixed in, and the latter because it's a One Piece-X/1999 crossover, what on earth can possibly go wrong? XD. There needs to be more OP crossover fic in the world.

Whee back!

Apr. 22nd, 2006 09:33 pm
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Image hosting by Photobucket

So yes, I biked up to get groceries and back. I count this as an adventure because a) biking in my town is like wearing a giant 'Hit Me' sign, and b) there were a number of things my bike in Japan had that I took for granted, when in fact my bike here does not have them. These were 1) a kickstand, 2) a bell, and 3) A LIGHT. ahahaha. Biking in the dark? SO not cool.

But I got back, and got all the ice cream in the freezer before it melted and the fruit in the 'fridge before it wilted. There was a sale on Ben & Jerry's. For realz. Tonight I sup upon Fudge Central ice cream with strawberries mixed in. (Sup? 'Dine' isn't right, since I had dinner at the store, but 'dessert' is not a verb. 'Sup' sounds like the greeting, though. HMM.)

Sadly, my cheap little Japanese mp3 player has gone wonky so I'm back to the iPod, my trusty Log Pose. It's weird- the mp3 player didn't have a randomizer, so I s'pose I got used to not having this, but LP really is psychic with the Shuffle command. It pulled up focused songs when I needed to concentrate and watch for cars and nice happy travel songs when I could relax on bike trails. Fun times.

And now, to buckle down to translation. Geez, I'm behind.
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Y'know what I'd like? Some decent Illusion of Gaia remixes. Talk about your overlooked music.

And I'm off. Time for a small adventure. If I haven't updated 6j by tomorrow night, search the obits.


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