Jul. 9th, 2009 05:44 pm
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Racism in Japan is just as accepted a cultural precept as good manners.

This makes me uncomfortable for a whole load of easily-unpacked reasons and a few that aren't so straightforward.

Tiny Backwoods Elementary-Middle, home of Bullheaded Teacher Who Can't Really Teach, bade me a mixed farewell today. Those classes whose homeroom teachers have kicked out BTWCRT and team-taught the best elementary-school English classes in my district with me had warned their kids in advance that it was my last day, and their kids gave little heartfelt thank-yous and shook my hands. Those classes he still holds in his sweaty grip were caught unawares, and when he told them [Okay, now a short speech from each of you!]

they just sort of sat there and stammered. It was uncomfortable for all involved. It's hard to believe he would've done anything had the Teachers Who Don't Even Teach English not completely shown him up yet again.

Why is iChat telling me AIM can't sign me in thanks to a "General Error"? Does software even try to label its failures anymore?
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Well, last night the poor old lappie gave up the ghost- brought her in today, and the Genius at the bar confirmed that the logic board was gone. Poor Layle. *salute*

I did make a good backup, and so once I get home this new and beautiful baby will be loaded up with just about everything I need save for Teen Titans and maybe some recently acquired music. Meanwhile I've been busily setting her up with all the applications I think I need- I'm trying out Journalert for LJ this time, and already I like it better than Xjournal. Leopard is pretty freaking gorgeous. My screen is nice and wide, and oh hay I has a webcam.

So I guess life is good! Spring break sure has gone by fast though.

Things this pretty baby still needs for it to be really mine:

[X] A name
[X] Wallpaper -- bless you, /w/! Bless you, /wg/!
[X] Music (possibly need to futz with the Apple Store about recently purchased musics) -- in the meantime Pandora is lovely.
[X] Some skins (Shapeshifter doesn't work with 10.5! Noooo, what do I do now ;.;) -- I am newly in love with Nocturne, and icons are always funtimes. I think CandyBar is kind of bullshit that it's $25 for the upgrade, tho.
[X] QUICKSILVER! -- How I have missed it.
[ ] Something to fill this amazing 95 gigs of free space, hoshit. We'll have to see about that.
[X] A hella word processor. Anybody like their freeware beast? -- OpenOffice will do well for now. Thanks, BSD!

That will do FOR NOW. =D

***edit: Checklist mostly checked, and check THIS shit out:

Mildly creepy dock icons? Check. Bitchin' backgrounds? Check. Slick, slick setup? Double-check. )
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So. Quicksilver. This deserves its own entry.

If you have a Mac, get this program. Within the space of a few hours, it has completely changed how I use my computer. The desktop icon, the dock, the mouse serve almost no purpose now. My massively complicated filetree system might as well not exist.

All I have, all I need, is a single window, popped open with a single hotkey. I type a few letters. Anything I want, anything - program, folder, file, bookmarked website - appears instantly. I hit Enter. That is it.

The bare minimum of keystrokes will do absolutely anything I want it to. There are plugins that work within programs, so that I no longer have to flip to iTunes - or use a Dashboard widget - to pause or change songs. Or browse for a song. iChat does not have to be open for me to send an IM. Quicksilver is the direct connection between my brain and this computer.

As if that weren't enough, the third-party plugins for this are amazing. I don't have to open an image editor to scale an image. This one, if I'm reading it right, could give my computer a command interface not unlike that of Okami. Clearly, reason #631 to get a tablet. Because that is sexy.

I have a fantasy now wherein a loop on the tablet opens Safari, and a squiggle opens a word processor, and three dots opens iChat. Shit, you could set it to kanji.

It took me about half an hour to set this program up, with help from one or two brief tutorials. Pull it down, Macfolk. You won't regret it.
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What... what... what...

Oh, Livejournal.
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[Poll #745897]

*EDIT: I just realized that I could call it the iMaTact. This may be the best pick yet.

Whee back!

Apr. 22nd, 2006 09:33 pm
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Image hosting by Photobucket

So yes, I biked up to get groceries and back. I count this as an adventure because a) biking in my town is like wearing a giant 'Hit Me' sign, and b) there were a number of things my bike in Japan had that I took for granted, when in fact my bike here does not have them. These were 1) a kickstand, 2) a bell, and 3) A LIGHT. ahahaha. Biking in the dark? SO not cool.

But I got back, and got all the ice cream in the freezer before it melted and the fruit in the 'fridge before it wilted. There was a sale on Ben & Jerry's. For realz. Tonight I sup upon Fudge Central ice cream with strawberries mixed in. (Sup? 'Dine' isn't right, since I had dinner at the store, but 'dessert' is not a verb. 'Sup' sounds like the greeting, though. HMM.)

Sadly, my cheap little Japanese mp3 player has gone wonky so I'm back to the iPod, my trusty Log Pose. It's weird- the mp3 player didn't have a randomizer, so I s'pose I got used to not having this, but LP really is psychic with the Shuffle command. It pulled up focused songs when I needed to concentrate and watch for cars and nice happy travel songs when I could relax on bike trails. Fun times.

And now, to buckle down to translation. Geez, I'm behind.
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I was out walking with my grandmother tonight, and as she's a faithful diary-keeper I found myself explaining LJ to her. I don't know quite how much she understood, but she seemed to get the gist. Inasmuch as she was concerned about how much I was putting out there, anyway.

In other news, I realized I've had 20 or 30 voiceposts allotted per month for the past five months! I'm a little uncomfortable about making any public. It's probably silly of me- if all the personal information I've dropped in bits and pieces over the years hasn't gotten stalkers on my ass, then I can't imagine making my voice public will do anything extra. But it seems as private a thing as my face.

It's probably also related to the amount of emotional control I have over what's out here. Far more can be understood from a voice than from text.

ps my LJ is in pastels now. I went ahead and bought Shapeshifter, which I really like, and to celebrate I changed themes & colors & everything.

pps OMG BUNNY. Happy Easter.


Apr. 5th, 2006 06:08 pm
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I've been playing around with themes and icons. As it turns out, the full-theme easybake icon programs that everyone seems to use for Mac, Pixadex and Candybar, glitch like crazy when I try to use 'em. Blehhh. Shapeshifter, though, is great. I think I'm going to have to go ahead and buy it. Now if only the super-cute Underling theme included a skin for iTunes.


Mar. 6th, 2006 04:49 pm
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So, the folks over at Penny Arcade have converted to Mac.

Apple should just buy everything Tycho says about it and make that a pamphlet. Seriously. The man is always as lucid a writer as I've ever known, and in this especially he knows precisely what to say. Everything he writes about this experience has me literally crying out in my seat, 'Yes! Exactly! That's why! That's it!'

"They've made an unbelievably transparent computing experience that I actually look forward to. Their willingness to just slough off the antique parts of the platform, though no doubt turbulent for the faithful, have allowed them to package the most genuinely modern computing product on the market."


...And then Gabe weighs in with the straight-up approach.

"It’s just really fucking good and that’s all. I found that any time I had a problem this weekend it was because I was over thinking something. I was looking for some sub menu or a hidden setting when what I wanted to do was right in front of my face."

God damn, but I love them both.
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Episode 77: First appearance of Mr. Zero. )

Is that an IPOD on his desk!?

No, rly.


Jan. 9th, 2006 12:17 am
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Finally got my hands on Niji, the opening to Water Boys. I'm clearly gonna have to look for more stuff by Masaharu Fukuyama, this man has a voice that sounds like fur feels.

On a closely related note, I highly recommend Sing That iTune! for my fellow Tiger users. Take a glance at the Dashboard and karaoke it up. =3
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The brother-unit came home today! He is still tall and still jumps and still gets massive enjoyment from toys from ThinkGeek as Christmas presents, so score. Also, he got me a really beautiful dark purple tote bag, embroidery, mirrors, jingly bells, and it even zips up. ♥

Got the best backpack ever at the Apple Store. )

Lucked out three times in a row at Goodwill: cosplay babble follows. )


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