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Big ol' clump of mud RIGHT in the middle of my bundle of spinach.

What the hell.

** ETA: Alright, this deserves a little more unpacking. See, they sell two kinds of spinach in nearly every standard grocery I've been to here in the big city. There's your normal no-frill twisty-tied bundle of >> SPINACH << , with the barcode and three different corporate labels printed on the tie, what gets misted with all the other veggies like a normal hunk of produce. And then there's the ~Organic Baby Spinach~, pre-washed and in a totally extraneous plastic container.

I've had problems with extraneous packaging since India, where the trash wasn't helpfully trucked away from us every day, but even more than that my gut reaction to this choice is to see it presented as yet another tiny symptom of the growing class dichotomy that's fucking America over. (Yeah yeah. I should just rename this blog The Economist's Daughter.)

So with this bit of fuzzy discontent I opt to get the bundled spinach, knowing that my mother will be annoyed that I'm not feeding myself organic but it's more than twice as expensive, come on. And then, mud. And slimy rotting bits of spinach all embedded in. Super- nice.

This has been another issue of Getting Mad Without A Target.
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So tonight, I went with a friend to the Life Cafe. Yes, the one in RENT. Yes, their burgers are delish. PS, feta cheese on a salmon burger == yes.

And then on the way back, on the subway, a busker got on and started strummin' his guitar. I usually block 'em out with the headphones but I figured, what the hell, I'll give him a shot. And he started singing


Ue wo muite / arukou / namida ga koborenai yo~uni

yes. In Japanese and then in English.

And tomorrow I'm off to see a pair of rare Miyazaki shorts in Carnegie Hall. Yup. Life's awright!
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A thousand blessings upon the heads of All Nippon Airways. May they prosper on their well-earned merits.

Yes indeed, my friends, I am back in the land of clean trains and singing toilets, and boy howdy did I miss it. Throwin' up a quick flag from Aomori! What is ups, innernet?

ALSO hey Maine imma let you finish but Matsushima Bay has the best oysters of all time. OF ALL TIME. Which reminds me, dear Livejournal, are oysters really aphrodisiac or is it just that they look obscene and taste orgasmic? I dreamed oddly enough about terrible reality tv cooking shows vs. feminist talk shows, so uh. Idek.

The archeological ruins out here are pretty cool mang! Tomorrow we hop a ferry. WILL TRY NOT TO FREEZE even though I left my hat on the bullet train. Again. sob. that's okay, I picked up terribly pink 100yen earmuffs. They are the pinkest thing within anyone's field of vision, it is kind of great. 'Cause I didn't stand out enough already, right?

okay do you know what time it is? It is cocktail o'clock, that is what.
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On the way back from work and various other shenanigans, finally, at 10.30 this evening, I crossed the street that sets off my little neighborhood. It's a straight-shot street towards Manhattan and the Chrysler building tops the skyline at what looks like the end of it. I glanced down thataway and saw three other people crossing the street, same direction same time, each one a block further away than the last.

It made me think maybe there was one person crossing the street on every block all the way to the Chrysler building. c:

So our national Christian nutjobs made a fuss about a video art piece at the Smithsonian, and the Smithsonian, geniuses that they are, opted to pull the piece from the exhibit "in order to avoid controversy." Lol, guys. Banned books GET PRESS. Does becoming part of the establishment just blind you to this fact, or something? So now naturally all the news that's coming out about the entire gay artists' exhibit centers on four seconds of a seven-minute video that's not even there anymore. Other galleries are showing it in protest. WAY TO GO, GUYS.

Other interesting news! Vague insinuations inferred from ceremonial speeches couched in flowery language uttered by the Imperial Family of Japan has gotten some hopes up, among the people who pay attention to these things, that maybe they're considering changing succession rules anyways. For those of you who are just joining us: in 2005, folks in the land of the Rising Sun were all up in a tizzy because there hadn't been a son in the Royal Fam for forty years, and the rules are only the male heir of a male heir gets to take the Chrysanthemum Throne. So some douchebags said "the Crown Princess should just pop out more babies," whereupon Crown Prince Naruhito told them all to STFU on behalf of his postpartum-depression-recovering wife, and other people said "hey let's change da rulez!!"

And then the second prince Akishino had a baby boy and everybody simmered down.

But! Last Tuesday was Akishino's birthday, and Wednesday was Aiko's (that's Naruhito and Masako's bbeh girl, the eldest of the new generation and Coulda-Been-Empress-To-Be.) So 'twas the occasion for imperial speeches. And in his Akishino hinted, in a roundabout and formal way, that the family was Thinking About The Future.

Read: If baby boy doesn't have any sons, the family's screwed. MAYBE WE SHOULD FIX THIS. 8Da

So who knows.

The best mixer for plum wine, in all of creation, is pure mikan juice. I have discovered this, and it is true.


Sep. 9th, 2010 07:18 pm
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[ profile] eva_kasumi just wrapped the pork chops in bacon.

When I die I want a Viking funeral.
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We have a fridge! It is huge, huge like Xbox! Huge like TEXAS.

We also have DVD shelving, which cost approx. $15 more than the fridge did* and is also huge, huge like Godzilla if Godzilla held all your games for you.

RESULT: Furnished apartment. Amazing fucking gazpacho for dinner. With homemade cornbread and cherry mead.


*Hint: if we had bought our own fridge, it would not have taken two weeks to get one

Well now.

Apr. 22nd, 2010 08:14 pm
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I had this terribly depressing and awfully depressed entry all typed up on my phone, which client fortunately opted to be uncooperative and not post it on the subway ride home. Because it was only shortly after that little technological blip that I started getting defiant, even angry, rather than wallow in perceived stagnation. Why the hell should my self-worth be defined by employment, anyway? Not only is that premise illogical and indicative of a very warped perception of self, as psychological problems go it's embarassingly outdated.

So, hey! I found a new food market in my immediate neighborhood that's cheaper than the crappy one right by the station, got myself a weeks' groceries plus booze for $30, which means I'm making lamb sliders on biscuits tomorrow night and Death Chicken sometime this next week. And tonight I am making myself some bitchin' tunamelts.

My apartment might still have black mold, so THAT's still on the problem list, but it's a manageable one. (Bleah.)

Who's free to go out this weekend? One of the dudes at the Strand said the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens still have cherry blossoms!

*edit: Oh my god ohmygod you guys THAT'S IT I am going hanami. SOMEBODY COME DRINK WITH ME UNDER THE SAKURA TREES.


Mar. 9th, 2010 10:04 pm
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I had Failure at Quesadillas for dinner tonight! They were surprisingly tasty.

I guess there's not a lot of ways you can go wrong with bacon, spinach, mushrooms, red onions, monterey jack, tortillas and two frying pans, but I sure did find some anyway. Note to self: don't make them so fat! Also, brush with butta first.

Double-chocolate cakemix cookies for dessert. ♥ Life is awright.
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Reply to this post with the phrase 'Findled in the checkout line' and I will free-associate five ityms of varying importance with you. Post about them in your journal when you spread the meme.
via [ profile] rawri:

1. Traveling.
Can't live without it. I suspect it's partly inherited, this tendency to lead a life between plane flights. The idea that my life IS getting on a plane, going somewhere, and doing insane and interesting things until I get that itchin' in my shoes again (as the lady Kimya likes to say.) If New York gets to be home, and that there is a real hopeful if, it'll be at least part thanks to the way it's so connected to most anywhere else.

2. Success.
Can't happen if I don't shoot for it. I'm starting to think that maybe a good measure of how advantageous the next path will be is how much it utterly terrifies me.

3. Tim.
Is going to have a rough month. His fortunes are inversely related to mIne more often than I like to admit. Sorry, kiddo. We've had a weird sort of mental sublet thing going on for going on two years now. He pays rent in entertainment, and lightening up my universe.

4. Food.
I like it? In spite of the unfortunate habit of forgetting meals. Been raised to believe it's important to obtain & consume good food, and to directly connect various failures of mind and body with failure to do so. Dang, I need lunch.

5. Demon-claws. (art)
The best stuff I do on paper always has a little element of the creepy in it. I try for cute, I do, and it either looks manufactured or vague and blurry. Or it turns out creepy TOO, ref. NYC Heartless.
I still don't remember drawing those demon claws. But now I want to try again.

And via [ profile] murasaki_kaze:
Attn: lexiphiles! Comment here with an unusual word you happen to know and like, and maybe we'll give each other one we don't know. Today's word from me is polymath: one who dabbles in multiple fields of interest.
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Hey guys look what I got

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Further updates as this situtation progresses
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(you were delicious)
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Jul. 7th, 2009 11:16 pm
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Curse you, bacon - peanut butter pasta sauce. You are truly more terrible for my body than fried ramen with bacon and egg yolk, and very nearly as delicious.

I failed my JET final exam today. I lost my temper; let an eleven-year old to get to me. It wasn't as if I completely snapped and bellowed, the way I did when I broke up the fight. But the thing is, if he's yelling his backtalk (at a rate of approx. three times a minute) at maybe 40% of his full output, and I whirl on him and swoop close and yell back at 40% of my full output... I'm yelling a lot louder.

Way to round out the school year with these punks, Lina. And there were barely 7 minutes of class left to go.


Jul. 3rd, 2009 02:32 pm
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I just earned a full days' salary for having a lunch party with nagashi soumen and homegrown homemade french fries, beautifully seasoned.

The prefix 'home', in this instance, denotes Favorite Backwater Middle School, the 14-student bastion of cheery thought and good cooking in the mountains where I spent my birthday and any number of other memorable occasions. I leave them with the ability to pronounce 'th', knowledge of proper procedure to create a pop-up Christmas card, awareness of an obscure American festival known as Mardi Gras, and a mix CD of TV themes, Queen, and Paul and Storm.

Nagashi soumen is when you have a really, really long piece of bamboo, split down the middle. And you prop one end of this half fairly high up on a table, and stick the other half in a sieve in the sink on the other side of the cooking classroom. With a bit of rubber hosing, you start up a steady stream of water down the makeshift canal, there, and then you take your giant bowl of slippery noodles and drop them, chopstickful by chopstickful, into the stream. Those consuming said noodles are waiting along the sides of the bamboo, chopstics at the ready to fish their lunch from running water. They dip it once in your little bowl of soy broth (with ginger and scallions to taste,) and slurp it down in time to catch the next mouthful tumbling downstream.

I had never done this before. It's really very fun. You need to be dextrous! Or else just stick your chopsticks in the running water to catch all the noodles, but that's considered cheating.


Jul. 2nd, 2009 09:16 pm
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Went through my Tasmanian slideshow for three middle-school English teachers and got homesick for Hobart. Which is ridiculous, as I've barely spent a week of my life there.

Am totally kicking ass at souran dancing. And omelettes.

19 days left.
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+15 Cooking!

Lina learned the ability [ Carnival Food! ]

Presenting: Fried ramen on a roll. The best damn fingerfood I have ever made.

A recipe!? Wat is this madness )


Jun. 4th, 2009 10:51 pm
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I experimented again with dairy, spices, and delicious on pasta today. This time it involved much more cream and less cheese- but better quality of both. Started with bacon and chard, added cream and milk, in went spices and cheese, and then stirred over low heat until it thickened up and and got all smooth... basically just like a cream sauce is supposed to act. Which was gratifying.

So then of course I just had to KEEP it on the heat and with the stirring whilst the pasta cooked, which meant it very suddenly went from smooth and creamy to yellowy, watery, and kind of chunky about a minute before the pasta was done. Woops.

Live n' learn! It still tasted pretty good with the oregano and basil and black pepper. Tho it's hard to make things taste bad when they start with bacon and end with Steppan cheese.

Hey guys

May. 30th, 2009 02:11 am
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Hey hey guys

Did you know that when you bake blueberries into chocolate cake, the smears they leave on the plate when you eat the first couple slices all warm and gooey are multicolored? There's a dark kind of blue-green teal and then there's the rich purple I'm all used to.

Hey [ profile] crystal_sun396

I finally did your meme thing

It's actually pretty alright I think. Which is something I don't say about my own stuff a lot but man, I am really enjoying this thing called a brush-pen.

Lobsang Before Noon )

Koni, Jenneh, gimme some ideas so's I can create somethin' for ya. Stream-of-consciousness ramble at me. Link me a picture you like. Anythin'.

Life is way better with warm chocolate-blueberry cake in you. Also I ground fresh cinnamon in, 'cuz apparently I can't leave a recipe alone anymore without doing something to it. I think this is a good sign.

'Night, internet.
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I just want to bake something simple. Chocolate. Cake, cookies, loaf, anything. God dammit, internet, quit making this shit harder than it needs to be.

For someone who can't find buttermilk, sour cream, peanut butter, molasses, normal cake mix, or probably a fucking working oven. And whose Japanese still isn't good enough to figure out which fucking white powder is baking soda. What happened to simple recipes? I swear the internet used to have them.

I miss home today.


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