Oct. 12th, 2011 06:51 am
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"we in the future have time-vortex captured the full playable cast of FF7 plus a random smattering of celebrities! Let's plurk whatever they say once every ten minutes and analyze it for coherence."

The boat that I was in kept skidding over bits of coast, oops, locals in hot pursuit. Then we accidentally drove it over a cliff. The screen went dark and faded back in on a white van being driven back to base. At least we stopped to pick up a good-sized lunchbox.
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A deep dark lagoon indoors, craggy rock running up to smooth tile encasing it all, two arced points of black glassy rock formation not quite meeting, the greenish water between them swirling almost black. A warp point. Not enough for a Gate. Good.

(This companion was almost Saria in aspect, slight and broody and sharing no information but useful in most contexts - from the back row. Ze sat crouched on the rocks after the I-protagonist had gone to bed, calculating. Hir inner monologue appeared in text, and I dream-read it.)

「 ... Robo was fighting to try to reconstruct a past that never was, while Ayla was working too hard to create a future she'd never see the full range of.


only, out of the Nine who would become the Yggdrasil.

It'd have to do. 」


Jan. 4th, 2011 03:28 pm
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So every now and again I check and see which gamer nerds are putting up a halfway-decent online gaming radio station these days. And right now, it's Radio GOSU.

Seriously, FFTactics, MegaMan 3, and Zelda: Link to the Past within ten minutes? Interspersed with orchestral and random remixes? Me, I'm just sold. You?
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I am sure this has already been fansubbed; don't care. This was my 20-minute warm-up this morning. Creative liberties have been taken; also don't care. The tradition of Phoenix Wright is to discard cross-language accuracy in favor of internal consistency + lulz.

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney: Trailer

Can be viewed on the second tab, right next to 'TOP', once you've dragged open the book. (The book is entitled 'The Witch Trial'.)

Spoilers within! Yes, they spoiled their own game in the trailer. Not that much. STILL! )
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So the abacus is making a comeback in Japanese elementary schools! I'm really enjoying this; I truly truly hope it will spread back into common use because it busts wide open plenty of dumb myths about math being hard. Learning your times tables by rote is hard. Using an abacus - including a mental one - is easy. And hey, helping our kids focus and use their right-brains in math class? BONUS PLUS.

I guess it must seem like I'm just adding images in my posts to spice them up now, but I really DO come across a lot of good ones at work. Here's today's winner:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[ profile] hezul turned me on to this excellent card-game-to-be entitled Cards Against Humanity, which I went ahead and backed because, Apples To Apples for horrible people? Hell yes. You should back it! I want my special print copy of this stuff and so do you.

While I was dinking around Kickstarter, which is a neat use of the internet if there ever was one, I came across this stroke of genius and was very tempted. My only obstacle: I don't have an iPod nano. I WOULD ALMOST GET ONE JUST TO HAVE IT AS A WATCH. it would be faster at playing my tunez than my PHONE, anyhow. Rrgh.

Today's post was brought to you by the word concupiscence. There is really nothing like translating art film reviews from Japanese that got there by way of Czech.

The NYC Commission On Human Rights is apparently investigating Continental. That's the 5 shots for $10 bar at the mouth of Astor Place, the one you always saw and thought 'oh hey, cheap booze' but never went into because it was too early in the day, or it looked skeezy, or the bouncer gave you the evil eye for no good reason. ANYway, they're under the microscope for accusations that they turn folks away at the door on account of being black. And/or Indian. In Astor Place, New York City, twenty-first century.* There's a protest before the bar tonight, waving signs, chanting slogans and raising awareness; organized by Answer Coalition. (Looks like a bunch of students, all geared up and ready to Stop War and End Racism!! Well... godspeed, kids.)

Maybe 30-40 noisy folks were staring down the bouncer across the wide sidewalk? Not even blocking ped traffic - in fact, making a friendly effort to direct spectators not to! - but definitely drawing attention. Also 3 or 4 NYPD out behind the parked plain car, behind them all in the street. All these were big white guys, couldn't help but note.

I asked after the commission's report, and the organizer said I could find it on their website; can't seem to find a listing there, though. Or even a good idea of what it will do, should it come out negative.

*I'm absolutely aware that there's racism in the 21st century. What boggles me is these people seem to think they can get away with a particular and very visible type of segregation that went out of style and out of favor decades ago. They should have the report come down on their asses for being racists, but they should get extra penalties for being dumb as new shit.
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Why does Kanji keep a salt shaker in his back pocket?


Mar. 30th, 2010 01:37 am
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Vaan is such a derp.
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That was a long-ass ending.

Good, though.
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I am aware I am a jillion days late

but that is not the point

The point is, I have to stop and take a break before my HEAD EXPLODES, but if I do I will lose all of the imaginary color-coded post-it notes scribbled hastily and stuck on various bits of my brain. Unless I get it all down, of course.


Apollo Justice, Case 4: EVERYTHING I KNOW. Cut for spoilers and holy christ length. )

There. I think that's everything. Ish.


Jul. 16th, 2009 09:40 pm
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Why yes, I would like one.

Two full days left.
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I Fight Dragons.

Excellent music for the nostalgic gamer. Try the Overture, or I Fight Ganon.

And then click on Rick and Mario.

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No, I don't need a PS3. I don't!

Good night.
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Doujinshi haul today.

FFTactics: side story. Delita & Olan adventures.
FF6: Locke-centric gen book. >100 pages.
Xenogears: Ep4 Anthology. A novel-sized manga prequel.
Wizard of Earthsea: Illustrated synopsis. A miniature manga adaptation.

Nice, fandom. Just, nice.

I also got another pair of headphones for ¥100, and an FF6 sourcebook for ¥400. Oh, and Valkyrie Profile, finally. Good day to be in Akiba.
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Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Harry Potter and Final Fantasy X-2.
The story should use legalizing gay marriage as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Right, so

Feb. 2nd, 2009 10:41 pm
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I said that

and then I hit 1721 on my wordcount for today

and also pastell'd a new postcard. This is for [ profile] mabaliciousness, in accordance with the You Get Somethin' I Made meme.

There's this alternative Rinoa design on the internets... )

Aaaaaaand in the same vein, I also figured out how to play the piccolo solo from Eyes on Me. Just for you, Mab. Just because You Get Somethin' I Made doesn't mean it's at all anywhere near good. ♥ Hey, you asked for it.

One down, six to go.
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I've played this plot. )

excerpt from Dostoevsky's The Grand Inquisitor
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Comment with the name of a character from any fandom I follow, and I'll respond with a few articles of my own personal headcanon.
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Posting from work; absolutely must tell you all this while it is fresh in my mind. So terrible, I know.

We had an adventure to get rid of this horrible gigantic black leather couch taking up space and sucking out soul in my apartment, and by we I mean George, myself, and the cable guys. Details to come. THE POINT IS.

We drove through a tunnel in the mountains to get to a different 'cho', a small town/village-type block just one over from our own. This was where the nearest large-garbage dump place was located; it also has a middle school and elementary school bearing its name to which I will be going when they are back in session. We were driving back toward the heavily-forested mountain, impassable save for this tunnel, and you can't really see our cho from the other side of it. Or indeed any others. Each of these cho is in a little pocket in the woods/mountains, connected only by tunnels, coexisting with different features in each: a Town Hall in one, a dump in another, a department store in maybe two. Schools in most. And so we drove up to the mountain tunnel and it hit me.

You guys.

I am living in the first half of Earthbound.
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That'd be both a bigass post and some bigass doujinshi, for you smartalecks who I know will ask. Image heavy, dialup unfriendly, all of that.

What follows is my full collection of video game doujinshi. I'm selling them, all of them, for as little as $3 plus shipping. Hell, I could probably be persuaded to give some away for the cost of shipping, if you wrote me a drabble or drew me a scrap. I've read them, enjoyed them, and now I want someone else to enjoy them too. Please, take a look, and tell me if you're interested.

I do Paypal and money orders. Cross-posted flippin' everywhere.

--- Still available ---

Final Fantasy X: Landslide - $6 )

Final Fantasy 1: Ground - $3 )

--- Sold or Given ---

Chrono Trigger: Chrono Trigger for Breakfast - $3 )

Final Fantasy Tactics: Nameless Dance - $6 )

Final Fantasy 9: Lost Melodies - $6 )

Xenogears: The Ark - $6 )

Xenogears: Open Your Eyes - $10 )


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