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This is a terrible show. Terrible.

I still like it. I just abdicate any claim to good taste while I do.

In other news, I tried to screw the hinges into the Log Pose and the wood split. D= I may have to just glue the hinges on.

*edit: And now I'm watching Ashita no Nadja again. Hello, Ikue Ohtani. You are so iconic, and I love you.

*edit2: Ho-ly shit. Hiroaki Hirata. Is the sleazebag who Black Rose steals from in ep19. He's good. He's really good. I didn't realize until one line, he ended it with なんだよ as an explanation and put juust enough emphasis on the ん that I heard Sanji in there. Wow. I clearly need to pay more attention to Hirata, that was amazing. The guy talked for three minutes, and I didn't even suspect I'd heard the voice before. One line. And then Sanji's gone again and he's the money-grubbing baron screaming at the guests. Shivers.




Jul. 22nd, 2006 02:52 am
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I snapped awake, and listened. Carefully.

And then I rolled out of bed and killed the roach. Ground its head half off with a handy shoe.

Puttered around the room, stopped, listened. And then pulled the bag out of the trash and ground the scrabbling remainder into paste.

In other news, I must've been exhausted; I fell asleep with the experimental Nami tattoo still on. Fortunately the hairspray seems to be a good fixative; no smearing on anything else at all and only a little flaking off! Also that makes two nights in a row. Last night I went out with studio people with the Nami-tat on my arm, and the night before I went out with mom wearing the casual MODE outfit in celebration of shoooes. Casual means that the skirt was nonskanky and the Log Pose was left off because it is still in pieces. Need to fix that this week. Anyway it is fun to do public cosplay with shit like Nami because it is so simple and casual it is like sekrit code.

Anyway now it's 2am and I'm awake. Whoooo.

Pimping: The-"OMG There Were Final Fantasy Games Before 7?!"-Friending Meme
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OBTAINED: all necessary ingredients for Alabasta Nami.

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So. That was awesome. I am hella tired. Ended up singing Before Dawn. Have a full 6-person crew + beaded flag on my bag now. Also two new OP volumes + the third artbook, scans to come, and the first volume of Basara. Also a few tiny tiny blisters on my feet.

Time for nap.
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I can tell when you reuse voice actors for villains and secondary characters. Don't think I can't. Seeing Arlong reappear in the guise of a hick in the desert threw me off, you know! Nevermind Gin and Dalton being basically the same person. Hell, I can tell when Sanji voices the offscreen Marine/enemy soldier/two-bit pirate for two lines, and he's always the one who does.

I understand bugetary concerns. I still wish you'd knock it off. You'd think at episode 101 maybe you'd be at the point where you could possibly afford to hire some extras.

On the other hand, it is kinda fun to play the recognition game.

The name game is not so fun. Man named his sons Dip and Chip. That is called something wrong with you.

ps Damn! Nami DOES know how to sew! I'm going to have to redo my hat.

pps I'm usually not so into it when main characters take an entire episode to basically just sit and talk about their feelings. Yet another way One Piece wins, I guess.

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Got up on staaaage as Nami and posed a few ways to the badass pirate music. First time onstage, weeeeeee, applause. Had funfunfun! Again tomorrow. Rly tired now.


Jan. 28th, 2006 12:35 am
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OH OH ALMOST FORGOT and now it's probably too late but WHO KNOWS.

Any of you cosplayers or costumers out there ever dealt with fake blood on a last-minute basis? What'd you use? Ketchup? Red sharpie? Water and food coloring? Suggestions and advice all much appreciated! ♥


Jan. 27th, 2006 11:21 pm
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Dude! First day of the con. I went in more-or-less plainclothes, which meant cool grey & black with the occasional use of the black cloak. Committed a cardinal sin of cons and forgot my camera, oh well, will have it tomorrow!

Y'know what else will happen tomorrow? I WILL BE NAMI.

Dyed my hair and painted my toenails tonight, and then put it all on. I AM Nami. It IS awesome. Plus art studio director of awesome lent me her hiking stick, which IS the quarterstaff. So the entire look is COMPLEET.

Also, also! One Piece kept coming up at the con. It's the anime everyone wants and nobody has. XD. Only two cosplayers and I only saw one of them, a halfhearted Luffy (c'mon man straw sandals are not that hard) but people were asking for it at the doujin booth, at the plushie booths, at the artists' alley- and getting negative answers, and I struck up conversations with them afterwards, and this totally happened more than once.

I met a girl this way who does weekly translations for her forums, who adores One Piece and Ashita no Nadja, who likes to play FF8 and Kingdom Hearts. If she weren't significantly shorter and wearing a huge pfoofy tutu complete with bright pink feathered wig, I would have thought I had stumbled into MIRROR DIMENSION.

...she said there was a Sanji around. Carrying a Zoro plushie in a frying pan. And that he said he'd be there tomorrow. X3.

EEEEEEEEEE I love cons.


Jan. 26th, 2006 11:12 pm
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Got Nami done! All that's left is to dye my hair and apply bandages (and decide whether or not to use ketchup or something for bloodstains. Heh.) I ended up getting a nice cheap pair of sandals that fit and feel good and fit the style, kinda. Eh. First draft of a costume always has something to improve upon!

Lavie still needs enough that I'm still not sure whether I'm actually doing her for this con. It does start TOMORROW, after all, and I'm very tempted to just say 'screw it' and order a nice wig and do some serious shirt alterations and ALL THAT later. For the next con. Etc. Since I have such a good Nami.

All the same, that really does feel like giving up, so I am scanning through the first volume of LE for screenshots and ideas. And good god damn, I'd forgotten how PRETTY this stuff is. YUM.

Accompanying babble. )
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I have the Luffyhat~!

Sewed on the ribbon, cut it open in four places with an exacto knife, dyed kite string to straw-color with a cup of black tea, sewed it up with the string, braided thicker string and dyed that for a chin-strap. Which is a smidge too small, BOO. Might rebraid it tomorrow. But for now, I have the Luffyhaaaat! Yays.

Still to do for Nami: Paint the shirt. Stick circles on the shorts. Dye my hair. Possibly get new shoes. Possibly do the quarterstaff.

I'm kind of EH on the shoes.

Image hosting by Photobucket

See? Complicated. Best I could do on this kind of short notice would be to get heeled sandals and, well, improvise. I don't have a clue what I'd do, though.
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The brother-unit came home today! He is still tall and still jumps and still gets massive enjoyment from toys from ThinkGeek as Christmas presents, so score. Also, he got me a really beautiful dark purple tote bag, embroidery, mirrors, jingly bells, and it even zips up. ♥

Got the best backpack ever at the Apple Store. )

Lucked out three times in a row at Goodwill: cosplay babble follows. )


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