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So somewhere in between deciding to make ramen for lunch, dicing up a few greens, discarding the flavor packet in favor of furikake and garlic, and simmering it all with an egg and red miso, it occurred to me.

I was making ramen for lunch.

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Okay guyz

Oct. 8th, 2007 07:22 pm
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Yeah so

I woke up this morning after about 4 hours' sleep and made myself a breakfast of egg yolks and grated cheddar, holywow. Talk about ways to start your day. I hugged a lovely lady goodbye and went to

Class 1: Return of the First Midterm
They posted grades over the weekend and today we got to hear from the prof about it. My score was a 37 (Q: oh shit do I really suck?) which turned out to be exactly the class mean. (A: No. HAHAHAHAHA.)

He then told us anyone under 45 had done badly, and it was like bitch you just told us where the mean was, if you don't want us shooting in the dark on your test then do not make your test fucking midnight-on-the-new-moon target practice. Anyway then it was a call to my mommy (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!) and off to classes 2-4, which were pretty usual except I lost consciousness at a crucial point in German Lit, THAT WAS FUN. Turns out I can still read a play quite smoothly approx 8 seconds after jerking awake, though, so. Also HEY [ profile] catsprite: it was a botched abortion that killed the 14-year-old raped girl. Her mother gave her a 19th-century medicinal cocktail. Fuckin' Germans.

Anyway then there was Class 5: Return of the First Paper
Hey guyz remember that Plato/Aristotle paper that I spat out in the three hours before it was due? The one I was doing to test the teacher, because if he gave me an A on that scrap of overpretentious philosophical kleenex I was going to laugh a lot and blow off his class for most of the rest of the semester?


Ahee hee hee.

It's early to bed for me.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 09:51 am
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It's FMA in German.

Not Satanic experiements. Alchemical.

Not transmuting gold. Making PEEEOPLE.

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It is so quiet right now.
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So something cool happened in Topology today.

We were setting up this set:

X= {x ε (0,1) | x has no 9 in its decimal expansion}

and the prof explained that this was to avoid numbers like .3419999999... = .342

and I was all 'oh that makes sense, what with the infinitely small difference thing' and somebody else raised his hand and went 'wait, what? Why is .88888... okay, but not .999... ?' And I was all, 'oh shit, I get it!' Which is unusual!

Usually I am the one who does not get things, you see.

I don't get why we discussed Hitler in Plato-discussing class, though. I think for that it is just going to be a long year.

Y'all should have seen the omelet I made tonight. Brussels sprouts and mushrooms and onion, and I fried bacon in the same pan just to prove that I could. I don't understand why all this hate for brussels sprouts, they are awesome. Srsly you guyz.
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HUaaaaaghh, done for the week nao.

I ♥ topology. It goes, and I get it. And the homework this weekend looks easy, which good, because I'm going to have a fun enough time analyzing German poetry. Yeaaaaahuh.

Why the shit did Abe resign from Prime Minister? I mean I know J-politics isn't normally covered in our channels and lord knows my news exposure has been nil for AWHILE, but I thought LDP was The Establishment and he was The Man. Srsly, what in hell is going on over there? o.O
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Wie kommt es, Mädchen, daß du deine zarten, weißen Schuhe beim Tanzen nie beschmutzest? – Weil ich auf zarten, roten Herzen tanze.



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