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Scott Menville is still the only man who ever gets hired to play sidekicks in comic cartoons.
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HA! yes.

I think I just gave about four dozen girls ages 9-13 the same truly positive life-altering experience I had when I was 12.

Best Laputa: Castle in the Sky viewing since the first. Hands down.

They were actually, honestly, oohing and aahing at the screen. Exclaiming how beautiful it was and crying out at the storms and the peril. An entire horde of preteen girls lost their selfconsciousness and sank into the story, and they all moaned in dismay when we had to stop it at their bedtime. They haven't even finished it yet.

I could cry for happiness. How do we turn into teachers, tutors, elders with wisdom that demands we pass it on? This is how, my friends. This is how we become our elder selves.

And I am still a child for this movie, my heart leaps and my breath stops and I cry, every time. This is how we grow, I think, and keep what's worth having yet.

Ps LJ is blocked here; phonepostin' ftw. See y'all when this gig's done.

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I typed this up while watching on the plane over. Am now DROWNING IN PAPER and also INFORMATION. Life is BUSY. The world is COMPLICATED again.

Gotham Knight: watch notes. I'm a VA dork. )

oh ho ho ho

Jul. 7th, 2008 09:18 pm
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1. Fourth season Scarecrow IS TOO voiced by The Question, I was right all along and I knew it!

2. In the Justice League: Cowboys On Velociraptors episode, EL DIABLO, the Mexican cape on Jonah Hex's League O' Cowboys, is voiced by Señor Senior Jr. It was in the way he says 'myfriend', at the end of a sentence like it's one word in that cheezy Mexican accent.

3. This same guy is going to be in The Dark Knight. With any luck my VA ear won't get me hung up on it. xD

*4. Dammit. I KNEW Warhawk sounded familiar, I KNEW he was in Teen Titans, and I KNEW it was an older ally of the crew, but I STILL didn't pin him down to being Robot Man. Which, in retrospect? Totally obvious.
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You know, just because I knew from the start that Haruhi's dad was Koyapin, this did not make it any better.

Which is to say, I think I'm in love with Koyasu Takehito again. In that terrible-awesome love-hate that he so skillfully inspires.

In other news, I'm all out of Ouran. =( I only had up to ep10! Sosad.
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Scrawled at the rim of a trash can:

"<--- VOTE HERE"

Also, Yamaguchi Kappei is fucking amaaazing.
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This is a terrible show. Terrible.

I still like it. I just abdicate any claim to good taste while I do.

In other news, I tried to screw the hinges into the Log Pose and the wood split. D= I may have to just glue the hinges on.

*edit: And now I'm watching Ashita no Nadja again. Hello, Ikue Ohtani. You are so iconic, and I love you.

*edit2: Ho-ly shit. Hiroaki Hirata. Is the sleazebag who Black Rose steals from in ep19. He's good. He's really good. I didn't realize until one line, he ended it with なんだよ as an explanation and put juust enough emphasis on the ん that I heard Sanji in there. Wow. I clearly need to pay more attention to Hirata, that was amazing. The guy talked for three minutes, and I didn't even suspect I'd heard the voice before. One line. And then Sanji's gone again and he's the money-grubbing baron screaming at the guests. Shivers.




Jun. 2nd, 2006 04:12 pm
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Gluttony = Satori. No difference at all.
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I can tell when you reuse voice actors for villains and secondary characters. Don't think I can't. Seeing Arlong reappear in the guise of a hick in the desert threw me off, you know! Nevermind Gin and Dalton being basically the same person. Hell, I can tell when Sanji voices the offscreen Marine/enemy soldier/two-bit pirate for two lines, and he's always the one who does.

I understand bugetary concerns. I still wish you'd knock it off. You'd think at episode 101 maybe you'd be at the point where you could possibly afford to hire some extras.

On the other hand, it is kinda fun to play the recognition game.

The name game is not so fun. Man named his sons Dip and Chip. That is called something wrong with you.

ps Damn! Nami DOES know how to sew! I'm going to have to redo my hat.

pps I'm usually not so into it when main characters take an entire episode to basically just sit and talk about their feelings. Yet another way One Piece wins, I guess.


o holyshi

Feb. 28th, 2006 11:15 pm
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One Piece Movie 3.

Is that... SekiTomo? IS IT. SNAKEBOY. IS HE. HE MUST BE.

ETA. HE IS. Seki Tomokazu is facing off against Sanji.

Let me repeat that. Seki Tomokazu is facing off against Sanji.

i have no words

eta. Finished. Best movie ever.

No, that's a lie. The timing and allocation of the final battle was off and the moral was kind of trite and it didn't have quiiiiite the level of pacing characteristic of REAL Oda and three moves were reused from Movie 2 and it repeated flashbacks twice and the old bird's voice actor was mediocre (also gimmicky speech impediment didn't really work on that one.) It read like the work of an exceptionally good fanfic author who nevertheless has a little bit of a predilection for Zoro/Sanji.

None of this really matters in the face of SEKITOMO VS. SANJI. I'm just including it because the reviewer in me wins over the fangirl. Most of the time.


Edit after rewatching: Y'know, either I've seen a lot of anime and it's just getting to me, or One Piece does a metric fuckton of homages and parodies. Sometimes simultaneously. Cut for a bit of blather: Spirited Away and Sailor Moon. )

Oh, god. So much love.
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OKAY THEN. [ profile] kahmelon was the only one to request, but she asked for a doozy, so it gets its own post. Presenting: Lina's Top Ten Seiyuu.

Top Five Old Standbys:

Seki Tomokazu, Hayashibara Megumi, Tanaka Mayumi, Kanna Nobutoshi, Miki Shinichirou. )

Top Five New Faces:

Orikasa Fumiko, Hiraki Hiroata, Noda Junko, Nakai Kazuya, and Asano Mayumi. )


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