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Hueg pix are hueg. )

I GIVE YOU: THE ILIAD. in. curtain form. yes.

God it's been so long since I started this I don't even remember why I thought it was a good idea. I guess I just wanted to make something cool out of a whole entire book, okay. Except then the book only lasted for half the curtain and I used class notes and papers and lecture handouts for the rest. ANYWAY. Here is the Iliad. You cannot read it anymore but it is still pretty apparent what it is when you get up close. It has a different texture from the back.

Woot. Iliad curtain.
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I win at paper crafting and Japanese. My presentation skills may leave a bit to be desired, but all in all? Today is a win.





sell that shit, 4kids. Get your filthy, nasty hands OFF that license NOW.
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These are, in fact, visual aids for my final presentation in Japanese. So this is, actually, in some wonderful sense, me doing homework.

Two papercrafts and one ORIGAMI ARCHITECTURE. Ohhhh yea. )


Oct. 9th, 2006 02:20 pm
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So I just went into the East Asian Library here for the first time.

Three floors underground, past a hundred stacks full of knowledge in who knows how many languages, in the corner far away from any noise or other human beings, I found the shelf with books on Japanese math. Math in Japan. The relationship between Japan-developed AI and the language's writing system. That sort of thing.


I love libraries so much. The concentrated knowledge seeps out from every shelf. I searched out the Asian folk art section too, and now I think I want to do this semester's presentation on pepakura and its roots in Japanese paper art. Because come on, how sweet would that be. PAPERCRAFT! I can bring in visual aids and talk about the difference between folk art and high art and simple craft, or maybe talk about the mathematics of the thing- I CAN MAKE MY OWN MODEL AND IT WOULD BE RESEARCH because it's a geometry/art exercise omg omg omg. Omg.

Also had my first private session with Sensei today! We went over all the bits of the Murakami book I'm reading that I'd had a little trouble with and posted about in the class blog. I learned which weird usages were Murakami-isms, which were weird but oft-used slang, which weren't actually weird at all, and which were idioms with Yakuza connotations. Heee! Murakami is FUN class reading.

Mainly, though, I learned that I was in fact asking the right questions. There were only a couple of points in there that I could've found in any dictionary with the right searches. For the most part it was things like the Yakuza idiom- if I hadn't asked Sensei I would never have found out what the hell that was. And that makes me feel damn good, that I am understanding most- let's say, 85%- of the stuff that CAN be understood without having actually grown up in Japanese culture.

i could do a presentation on pepakuraaaaaaa~
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Meet my new roomies. )

Lina's ongoing love affair with paper continues, after these messages.
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Part umpteenth. )

Palm-size icosidodecahedron. Sonobe module, 120 pieces. No consecutive colors.


May. 22nd, 2006 06:30 pm
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I. Rock.

Do I rock? Or WHAT.
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Gods preserve me from bookstores. WEE. Loot for today:

The Elephant Vanishes, a book of Haruki Murakami short stories. Murakami is a surrealist fiction author very popular in Japan these days, and I've read the titular story in translation as well as begun reading TV People in the original. I'm still torn on whether I should've just taken the plunge and bought a Japanese collection online.

Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies, a very well-written and hilarious modern grammar book that I just picked up on impulse. Crap I always wanted to know but didn't know where to look up- and would probably have been unmotivated to do so even if I had. This is actually fun to read.

And the big one, the one I actually went into the bookstore to find: Kodansha's Effective Japanese Usage Dictionary. A Japanese grammar book that's almost as heavy- and expensive- as the new Compact Nelson. Yes, really. It's gorgeous, something like 800 pages of small-print, heavily detailed explanations on when to use 気持ち and when to use 気分, or what exactly is the difference between ぜひ and どうか and なんとか and どうぞ。*fangirls*

Oh yes! In a different bookstore I picked up a small thing, Sanseido's Daily Concise English-Japanese Dictionary. It's pocketsize, likely full of words that I would mostly already know if I were going J-E, but I'm weak on E-J and it's tiny and cute and pretty and howww do you get 650 pages in a 1cm thick book? HOW. I LOVE Japanese fine-page books. They display a mastery of paper that's just never a priority in this country.

I also grabbed two boxes of pens and some Easter candy for the house, and a few CDs besides. There was a Lain soundtrack in the used music store for $7, how could I resist? Plus they had Mystery Bags for a buck each, five CDs per, so I tried my luck. Anybody ever heard of Dropbox, Uberzone, Keysha Cole, Leadfoot, or Eliza Carthy? I'll have to pop 'em in later.
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Did a fair amount of cleaning today! It always feels good to things done. Also thought a bit about how to make an origami cylinder from the simple cube shape; I think in the end it'd probably be easier to engineer that one from the ground up, though.

I think my copy of FF9 is slightly glitched. It unexpectedly resets whenever I put the controller down. =( Perhaps this is its way of telling me to NEVER LEAVE.

If you haven't seen the Spore video yet, and you have any interest in gaming at all, you should. (Link lovingly ganked from Ezzems.)

Mm. Ice cream is good.
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I watched that eight times last night, and then tonight I sat down and did it. First try.

XD Ahh, it's the little things.


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