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So yeah, it's not a good watch.

I know, I know, everyone told me it wasn't worth it. But it's Ghibli! And Earthsea! I had to at least try.

It's basically like The Golden Compass. Only more boring. )

Blech. I am disappoint.
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HA! yes.

I think I just gave about four dozen girls ages 9-13 the same truly positive life-altering experience I had when I was 12.

Best Laputa: Castle in the Sky viewing since the first. Hands down.

They were actually, honestly, oohing and aahing at the screen. Exclaiming how beautiful it was and crying out at the storms and the peril. An entire horde of preteen girls lost their selfconsciousness and sank into the story, and they all moaned in dismay when we had to stop it at their bedtime. They haven't even finished it yet.

I could cry for happiness. How do we turn into teachers, tutors, elders with wisdom that demands we pass it on? This is how, my friends. This is how we become our elder selves.

And I am still a child for this movie, my heart leaps and my breath stops and I cry, every time. This is how we grow, I think, and keep what's worth having yet.

Ps LJ is blocked here; phonepostin' ftw. See y'all when this gig's done.

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So this has been brewing in me since I finally saw some at Vericon. Ready? Here we go.

My Problem With Axis Powers Hetalia

Incoming! )
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I UNDERSTAAAAAAAAND. Everything, or close to everything, after the duel with Juri. I think I even get why the story was told this way!

Incoming. )
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Lina: well I can't help but observe that women in American comics have their own rigid context to which they more or less adhere
Lina: and Academy!Anthy would placidly force herself to adjust to this stereotype, as one of her bridely duties. ^.^
Lina: she's the perfect Japanese wife, submissive and obedient, until Utena demands otherwise of her... so who would demand what in the DC crowd?
Lina: I mean. 'Cause it depends entirely on who wins her right.
Lina: And that question demands the next one: who are the closest to breaking the barrier from ~the system~ into the ~outside world~, and thereby must be diverted/restrained/set against each other? Who are the duelists in the DCU, those moths swirling closest to the flame?
Lina: which. Is ~the barrier~ in the DCU the 4th wall?
Lina: Or is it death? And those who've died and come back have broken out of ~the system~ in which others are so miserably trapped.

Adolescence of the DCU: Anthy in Batmanland. )
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I take it back. It's worse than TRY. And if it doesn't get better than this in two episodes I'm not bothering with any more.

We've already done the party-on-opposing-teams-in-pointless-village-sports filler storyline. It was better with tennis.

We've also already done the two-inept-furries-trying-to-steal-the-Sword-of-Light storyline. It was better with Gourry.

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The Slayers are back. It's not quite NEXT, but so far it's better than TRY. And I liked TRY.

I do want them to either stop mucking around and do something epic, or muck around a lot MORE and do something epic that way. So far it's been more or less a re-introduction of people I already know quite well, which I understand for the new decade is perhaps important but I am getting impatient.

Natsume Yuujinchou looks, so far, like a nice, quiet, vaguely pretty and comfortably appealing monster-of-the-week. I will keep watching in this vein.

Tengen Toppa 11, I had already seen, but in order to get back into the show I thought I'd restart with this. Oh Simon. You are pretty rockin.
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is rad.

It is a rad show.

Raaaaaaaaad. )

**edit: Aotoa. AOTOA. Ohhhhh.

gawd that is terrible. Just terrible. Gawd.


Apr. 14th, 2008 10:33 am
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Ep8. )

ps the thing with Yoko was just unbearably sweet. I have such mixed feelings about the female lead as a wish-fulfillment object in a blatantly over-the-top wish-fulfillment anime, so mostly I just ignore her but from now on this will be even more difficult. Which is a shame, because TTGL is a great show in its own context and usually I can suspend disbelief-cynicism-and-preconception better than that.
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Shit, guys.

Seriously. )

p.s. Tengen Toppa #7 involves Simon being awesome. Approved? 110%.

TTGL ep4

Apr. 1st, 2008 03:27 pm
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Ep4. )

I need some LJ icons for this show.

**Ep5. )

***Ep6. )
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan

Ep 1

Really? Seriously. Are they really- really?

I'm delighted and I love it.


Seriously, REALLY!? Because, what.


Combination. Rainbows. What. Really.

Still delighted. Totally. But, what.


Jan. 28th, 2008 09:57 pm
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Slayers NEXT:

Take three parts moderately awesome win. Add two parts hey, I've played that video game before! Toss in a dash of lol jellyfish. Mix well.

Still awesome after all these years.
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Gundam 00 starts, like all such anime, with a flashback to the hero's traumatic childhood. The child, armed with an M-16 and racing through a city-turned-battlefield populated by giant robots, resolves that there is no God. He is then saved by Gundam Jesus.

The series then kicks off in present-day, with a Gundam kicking an Eva's ass.

It gets significantly less subtle from there.
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Icon meme, you know the drill. Comment and I'll pick 7 that you have to explain. Possibly.

Hit up from [ profile] eva_kasumi. ♥

The goggles! The kittens! The GAY. )


Jun. 16th, 2007 10:13 am
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The lead character in the new Gundam series is Kurdish.
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bleck, feeling bad today. Head hurts.

Re: Ep8 of StrikerS: huh. This show can still surprise me, but I'm not sure I like that.

Finished Songoku McDohl. Need a scanner. Workin' on my 2nd Edward/Anna. The OP stuff is all nonstarters. =/



Mar. 6th, 2007 08:04 pm
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The pairing list. She lives.

And spring break coming up too, don'cha know. )

My, my my.

This comm IS going to need some actual fic, if it's going to live.

And, I mean. Sauron/Inverse. The Gravitation-Phoenix Wright crossover is a bit... much, perhaps, but there's always Bruce Wayne/Peter Venkman to make it better.

(also I think I aced my midterm. Which, coming at the ass-end of a hella full day like this one, is really something speshul. I think I'm going to celebrate with an early bedtime.)

ps. GodTube. Hunh. Go fig.

You can tell they're Followers-of-Christ because, verily, Jesus would have used YouTube to mock people. - f_l

Nanoha A's.

Jan. 9th, 2007 10:05 pm
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Finished A's today, which involved uhh about nine episodes? Ish. Man whatever I guess I just wanted to see it all the way through.

I liked the story! Pretty rockin'. Woo for Signum. Woo for Chrono. The catgirls were kinda random. The music was pretty sweet. The art was... drecky and difficult to look at. -.- But acting was okay.

Man cosplaying Fate would be sweet.


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