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" In expanding use across much of Web 2.0, there has come a relatively new slang term for an extremely old practice of behavior. The white knight, on online fora and blog comment pages, is a commenter who leaps to the defense of someone who has been attacked, whether or not they need defending. The antithesis of the troll, who antagonizes for no reason, the white knight swoops in on any given argument with an impassioned plea for a halt to all ad hominem attacks, all hyperbole, and often all strong language whatsoever. The term has found particularly specialized use in discussion spaces for identity politic, such as feminist (in which case knight is gendered male) and race-related spaces (in which case white refers to more than the color of the knight’s horse.) To white-knight, the verb, is often used to call out the behavior of a commenter defending another person unnecessarily; however, even if the assailant is vicious and the issue at hand is crucial, an obnoxious commenter may be white-knighting if he or she gallops in and takes the reins of the discussion. The term white knight challenges the inherent assumption on the part of the knight, that the assailed person cannot speak for hirself, as paternalistic and co-opting of the “victim’s” place in the discourse. "

and then I go on to expand this term and talk about NGOs

but I just really wanted to introduce this shorthand into class discourse. Because our class actually really needs a shorthand for "Western middle-class educated peoples who travel overseas to extend preconcieved 'help' to periphery nation-state peoples, which is problematic in a number of ways"

it comes up a lot
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NYCC's over, and the paper due in 15 minutes is just barely half-complete. It's a no-sleep night after four long days. It feels like my life's accelerated to the point that Twitter is in fact the right medium to document it. I have so little perspective on what I'm doing that I have to cling to the few flashes of long-view I get and just hope it's all rushing in the right direction. I don't know how I'm going to make it through final-papers time.

Sometimes I just want to punt it all to the curb and Occupy but I'm doing better for myself and for others where I am

I think.


Sep. 8th, 2011 09:53 pm
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Holy hell how is it only 9pm.

I got up at 6 this morning to finish the homework due in the 8am class. (This tardiness was not my fault; I was exhausted last night and the download for the audio part was going to take like four hours. Anyway.) Class ended at 9.15 at which point I buzzed up to midtown to get my silicon mold injected with wax a couple times. This took so long that I ended up leaving the mold at the casting studio and coming late to 11am Sociolinguistics.

At first SociLing was really discouraging; there are six students in the class and the other five have all been in school longer than me. Three already have linguistics MAs. I am also, I think, the eldest student. What am I even doing here? I asked myself. What do they all know that I'm going to have to scramble to keep up with?

In the second half of the class, we touched on gender and language use, and the question of whether you can tell someone's gender from hearing them speak came up, and the immediate class response was 'yes: a man's larynx is bigger, so his speech is pitched lower.'

Which I didn't make an issue of. I took a breath, two annoyed notes, and let it pass. But I went up to the professor afterwards and just said, "I had a problem with connecting 'larynx size' with gender instead of sex on the whiteboard, but I didn't want to derail you." And he said, "Yes, well, for example [the boy behind you] is dedicated to studying only formal syntax, and it would have taken at least twenty minutes to sidetrack and explain things to him. We'll touch on that later."

So... yeah! I may be the oddball out, but I'm at least putting together a thesis that he said is "definitely a sociolinguistics topic." Which is apparently not true for at least three out of five classmates.

And I have thought about other things than my PhD for some part of the last three years. So there's that too.

Anyway class was out at 2pm and it was back to the casting studio*, and then BACK down to campus for a mostly unsuccessful textbook run - but I did get school supplies! Footsore and weary from hitting up four bookstores for Weber's Protestant Ethic (among other things,) I settled my butt at an Italian barstaurant that serves unlimited and delicious fingerfood to anybody who drinks there between 5-7. The bartender – not Maurice. Maurelio? Argentinian dude – was just starting work that day. On hearing that I'd just snagged a new job**, he refilled my lemon ice vodka on the house. So of course I tipped 50% and still only paid $10 for two sexy drinks and a healthy dinner in Manhattan. I call that a goddamn win.

After that I cruised on over to the student center to print out my Weber*** and hit up the Comic Book Society. A cute group of undergraduate nerds, but when your 5-person officer board is all-male and your club attendance is 80% female it says something. We'll see what the gender balance is like next week when there isn't free pizza. Assuming I go back, of course – I plugged my bookstore and let them know about Kate Beaton's book party, but they're not my crowd. They still think DC is salvageable and Whedon can do no wrong. Do I really need to be a grizzled voice of bitter reason? I think not.

Then again, I might want to submit something to the quarterly student anthology.

*I also picked up wax carving tools at the neighboring metalshop. Because I totally needed another crafting hobby.

**New job: On the weekends. More details to come, maybe. I will not have free time this semester.

***Printing out Protestant Ethic at ten cents a double-sided page: $4.20. Copies of same in your standard bookstore: $20 and up. You know, some days I just can't wait for Print-On-Demand to put pricing like this out of business.
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Battle On!

An Unauthorized, Irreverent Look at XENA: Warrior Princess.

An entire published book of Xena episode synopses and light commentary, occasionally snarking about character interaction and each with a 'Reality Check' (lol) cross-check of inaccuracies against history and myth. Never going into analysis or any particular insight; it's just for fun. Cute.

The Handbook of Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities, Second Edition
c. 1999

I love this. Not only is it hideously out of date, this shiny red hardcover is a relic of its economic era. Chapter 12: Rating of Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities is written by the vice president of one of the four major rating companies. Of course. Who else knew anything about it?
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The days blurred by this week, a sleepy blank buzz in my ears and across my range of view. I barely accomplished anything.

I broke up a fight on Monday. Sixth-graders. Central Huge Elementary. They were kicking a kid while he was down and I snapped and lost my shit.

I hope the people I managed to send postcards to last week or the week before or whenever, you should have gotten them. I'm glad you liked yours, Peltan.
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It's days like this that make me think I could easily work this job for another year.

Which was one reason I signed the form not to recontract today. If I'm still determined to stop after a day as good as this, then I know what I'm doing.

I'm looking through grad schools this week.

And this evening I taught myself Amazing Grace on my new harmonica. Its first song. I've never really played one before.

I finished two more postcards. Gotta spray these puppies and send 'em. I did send a batch off last week, hope you guys like 'em. They're just exceedingly amateurish pastels, that's all, but I think I'm getting better.

Oh, and at least four active rp plots and twice as many apps are in some stage of progress.

Now I just need to finish my Japanese homework, read some more Dostoyevski, play a little more TWEWY, and put together my writing notes over the next ten days.

Going to a friend's house this weekend to try on kimono. I'll try to find my camera by then but it seems it's well and truly lost. Pity.

Hey, [ profile] tmartian42. Let me know when you've a free hour or two in which you feel like RPing, if such a thing occurs? I think the three or four of us could bang out a full scene if we just sat down and traded short tags for a bit.

Hey, [ profile] uncompromisable. I'm not really sure what this shout-out is for, I just want to send affectionate greetings. It seems like I keep contacting you asking for things, and it leads me to ponder what else I could do.

Hey, [ profile] ezelek. Thanks for hauling Hannon's comatose butt around a small forest moon of Endor yesterday. I'll try and schedule kimono fitting for the afternoon so you don't have to do it again. But if you were serious about executing that plot we discussed, then perhaps we could engineer some dramatic, hilarious fashion in which it is The Grumpiest Little Komrade's fault.
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I have no idea how I did.

Which is relatively quite good, honestly. I expected to finish it knowing I had failed.

Results in February.
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According to the principal at Favorite Backwoods Elementary, Japan's current prime minister would not pass the JLPT Level 1.

This makes me feel a little better.

Only not, because Aso has not been supposedly studying for weeks or months. D|

ps I LOVE THIS SCHOOL. Everybody likes everybody and they all like to learn and fun things are allowed to be FUN and there's no peer scorn and the 5-6s are operating on a 7th-grade level and appear to be liking it. And the first-years are five 5-year-old boys in one classroom who GET ALONG. o_O b

The 3-4s draw pictures and fold origami and leave them in my mailbox. I think the building is kind of imbued with good vibes.

pps They danced with me when I sang Jingle Bell Rock at recess. We played Cops n' Robbers, and after I captured the entire school with only the devious aid of a 5-year-old I wasn't allowed to be a cop anymore. |Db They loved it.

... And now they're singing along with the music played during Let's Clean The School time. ♥

I adore this school and everyone in it.


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