Mar. 27th, 2011

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It's okay. We get it.

This was the fourth episode in which the rich, overprivileged private school kid turned out to be the sociopathic murderer attempting to escape the consequences for her evil deeds. (Three out of five perps were ~spoiled girls~; of the two boys, one of them was a sympathetic figure.) In three of these episodes, Booth spends most of his Character-centric Navel-Gazing time angsting about not being able to send Parker, his adorable boychilde, to a fancy private school just like the ones that -- surprise! -- turned rich kids into murdering snots. Three of them! Get a clue, Booth. You live in a world where public schools may turn out attitudinal FBI agents, but private schools manufacture tiny little psychos. Notice this already!

Also, the navel-gazing. LORD, is there a lot of navel-gazing this season. I am really seeing almost no character development, in the sense that any character changes from one ep to the next, and instead just getting a lot of characters stewing in their own juices. Hodgins and Angela in particular are getting annoying as shit. The only one who seems to be moving anywhere is Brennan, and she's moving in the depressingly familiar Will-She-Won't-She trajectory that will end in her snogging Booth. I find this entire "romance" belabored, unnecessary, and sadly inevitable, the way Hodgins and Angela's breakup was inevitable, the way Rigsby and Van Pelt had to break up in The Mentalist in order to keep status quo. Bones is a TV show in which the two main characters, one male one female, spend a lot of screentime bantering. Ergo, eventually, they will ~*~end up together.~*~ Everybody else will remain lonely and snarky supporting cast, with no progressing lives of their own.

I had higher hopes for Bones but I guess I should've known better. It's just a boring execution of a hackneyed plot, and I'm this close to being done with the whole mess.


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